‘TWD’ and ‘FTWD’ Crossover News, Plus New Images For The Season 8 Return Of ‘The Walking Dead!’

AMC's 'The Walking Dead,' Season 8, Morgan, Fear the Walking Dead Crossover

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So, even though many Walking Dead fans were bitterly disappointed when it was revealed Morgan, and not Abraham, that would make the crossover from The Walking Dead to Fear the Walking Dead, the showrunners continued with their narrative regardless.

Now, new images of Morgan in Fear the Walking Dead have been released and they reveal some crucial information about how–and when–Morgan’s role will play out in Season 4 of the show.

The images, released exclusively via Entertainment Weekly, show Morgan as he will appear in Fear. Interesting to note is the fact he is carrying his staff with him. This means that Morgan will be an actual character in Fear rather than a flashback character. Some people–Cassidy and myself included–suspected Morgan would somehow know Madison and his character would appear via flashbacks in Season 4 of Fear. However, this will not be the case.

After much discussion this morning, Cassidy and I have decided that it is likely Morgan will appear in Fear once the cast reach Houston. But, why Houston? Well, the Season 3 finale of Fear saw a character called Proctor John (Ray McKinnon) mention this place. So, it is possible this is the direction the characters could head to in Season 4, especially since it is known Fear is currently filming in Texas.

But why would Morgan go to Houston?

Morgan was first seen in Seaosn 1 of The Walking Dead, helping Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln). The pair did not continue on together though and Morgan was not seen until Seaosn 3 of TWD. At this point, his son, Dwayne, had died and Morgan was completely unhinged. Once gain, Rick and Morgan parted ways. Then, in Season 4, viewers got a glimpse of Morgan as he tracked Rick’s group on their way to Terminus. At this point Morgan was sporting an awesome new staff and had picked up some mad fighting stills as well.

Season 6, after Glenn’s (Steven Yeun) possible death, AMC dragged out his fate by throwing in an episode devoted entirely to Morgan’s backstory. This is where we meet Eastman (John Carroll Lynch) and discover the staff and fighting skills are a result of this man. He also managed to pull Morgan up out of his funk resulting from the death of his son.

Then, later in that Season, Morgan turns up at Alexandria and finally joins Rick’s group.

So, this means that at some point between Morgan meeting Eastman and then returning to Rick, he traveled to Houston to mingle with the characters from Fear the Walking Dead.

That’s a fuck load of walking IMHO!

It also makes little sense.

However, considering AMC is sticking to this crossover, Cassidy and I finally decided that the only way this could happen, logically, was if Morgan, after being fixed by Eastman, traveled to Houston to meet up with someone dear to him. This, most likely, means family. Family we haven’t heard of yet.Oh, how convenient.

It will be at this point that he meets up with characters form Fear the Walking Dead. However, considering Morgan then returns from Houston to Alexandria, it seems that  for whatever reason Morgan decided to travel so far across the U.S. amounted to nothing (i.e. the person or persons were dead). So yeah, pointless story narrative other than to provide the crossover fans have been asking for.

You can view the new images for Season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead via Entertainment Weekly here and here.

Alongside these Season 4 images for Fear, AMC also released new images for Season 8 of The Walking Dead to Entertainment Weekly. While there are a bunch of images for different characters, it is the ones showing Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs), that are the most poignant. Once again, because these are exclusive EW images, I can show them here, but you can view them all via this EW article.

Also, if you believe the ‘Carl is immune’ theory, you might want to check out the article I did for The Inquisitr that explores how Carl might survive the walker bite.

Let us know what you think about Morgan’s crossover to Fear the Walking Dead by commenting below!

Season 8 of The Walking Dead returns to AMC on Sunday, February 25, 2018, at 9 pm. It is currently unconfirmed as to when Season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead will premiere.

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