‘Vikings’ Season 5: Episode 15 Recap, “Hell”

 History Channel's 'Vikings,' Season 5, Episode 15, Hell, King Harald Finehair's army attacks

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Here’s what went down in Episode 15, entitled “Hell,” of History Channel’s Vikings Season 5.

Ivar Continues To Be A Dick

in the dead of night, Ivar the Boneless (Alex Hogh Andersen) has the Seer’s (John Kavanagh) body taken away and burned in a pit.

He doesn’t get rid of all the evidence, though, and when Hvitserk (Marco Ilso) checks out the Seer’s hut the next day, finds a patch of fresh blood. he confronts Ivar about the Seer being missing but omits the fact he found blood inside his home. When Ivar continues to be a dick about it all, Hvitserk insists that “He knows” and this completely rattles Ivar who is probably having a hard time already justifying his behaviour to himself at the moment.

Bishop Heahmund Has A Bad Dream

In last week’s episode of Vikings, Heahmund (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) told Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) that he would go to hell for her. Well, in Episode 15 of Vikings Season 5, Heahmund wakes from a bad dream of hell and decides that he really doesn’t want to go there.

Which means Lagertha is still unlucky in love.

History Channel's 'Vikings,' Season 5, Episode 15, Hell, Ubbe

[Image via Jonathan Hession / History Channel]

Alfred And Ubbe Continue To Be Besties

As King Alfred (Ferdia Walsh-Peelo) gets ready to go to war with King Harald Finehair (Peter Franzen), he continues to place his trust in the newly-converted Viking, Ubbe (Jordan Patrick-Smith), even if he still continues to move the bar for obtaining the land Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) wanted all those years ago. Ubbe has a plan but Alfred is concerned it will get his people killed. As Ubbe points out, the king just needs to trust him. Because, seriously, doesn’t he want to win against the Vikings?

Ubbe also shows Alfred the most excellent Frankish invention called the catapult and Alfred is impressed with this.

A Traitor Is Arrested

In the midst of preparing for war, King Alfred also has to deal with a traitor. Most likely, after the Vikings saw Aethelred and Cyneheard (Malcolm Douglas) acting strangely last week, they had a quiet word to Alfred. As a result of this, Cyneheard is arrested on treason and Judith (Jennie Jacques) is tasked with torturing him until he reveals the rest of his crew.

Judith revels in the task.

Harald Gets Some Visitors

Ubbe is sent to Harald’s camp in order to “negotiate.” Ubbe, who really doesn’t want to talk about his Christian conversion, asks Harald just how much gold and silver it will take to make his army disappear. Harald says he has to think about it and tells Ubbe to come back tomorrow.

In the meantime, Magnus (Dean Ridge) turns up all ready to fight for Team Harald. He also lets slip that Alfred will be fighting alongside his army.

While Ubbe had asked Harald about negotiations, really, it was just a delaying tactic. Instead, Alfred’s army is gathering behind Harald and setting up the battlefield so that everything possible will lead to their favour.

However, it isn’t until Ubbe doesn’t turn up the next day that Harald realises this.

History Channel's 'Vikings,' Season 5, Episode 15, Hell, King Alfred, Bishop Heahmund

[Image via Jonathan Hession / History Channel]

The Battle

Harald finally gets his arse along to the battle and a ring of fire is run around them, caging them in and they have no option but to fight.

It is a monstrous battle with the flames burning high, giving the very impression of the hell that Heahmund is so fearful of.

Speaking of Heahmund, he notices Lagertha on the battleground and can’t help but be captivated by her battle charm as he smashes her way through Harald’s army.

And, it is this captivation that is Heahmund’s downfall.

While he is watching her, he gets hit by an arrow. Then another one. He still has the strength to call out to Lagertha, though, and I am bawling at this point.

Lagertha gets a slash across her leg and goes down. She catches sight of Heahmund and tries to crawl to him.

Heahmund gets struck again. Lagertha sees him get stabbed again. She looks at him, saddened. He falls. She cries. I cry.

History Channel's 'Vikings,' Season 5, Episode 15, Hell, King Alfred, bloody

[Image via Jonathan Hession / History Channel]

King Alfred Is Victorious

Alfred talks of Heahmund and how wonderful he was for the cause of Christ and country. In fact, he decides there will be no other man like Heahmund, no one worthy of carrying his sword, so it is buried with him.

Now, it’s time for the party.

Except that Alfred’s mother, Judith, has some bad news.

Let’s Talk About Foreshadowing

There is a lot of talk about brothers in this episode of Vikings. And, when Judith finds out from Cyneheard that the leader of the traitorous group is Aethelred, this comes as no surprise thanks to the heavy-handed nature of the aforementioned foreshadowing.

History Channel's 'Vikings,' Season 5, Episode 15, Hell, Bjorn Ironside, Lagertha

[Image via Jonathan Hession / History Channel]

Where In the World Is Lagertha?

The last viewers see of Lagertha is as she watches Heahmund ide during battle. Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig) is then seen, afterward, looking for her on the battleground. They can’t find her, though. And, to be honest, considering Ivar’s wife, Freydis (Alicia Agneson) made mention of Valkyries in this episode, I am wondering if that is the angle Michael Hirst is taking with all of this. I certainly hope so.


Vikings returns on Wednesday, January 2, at 9 p.m. ET/PT. History Channel provides the following synopsis for Episode 16 (titled “The Buddha”).

“Bjorn achieves one of Ragnar’s dreams. Back in Kattegat, Ivar hatches a new plan while preparing for a divine arrival. In Iceland, a settler returns in a terrible state. King Alfred faces his greatest threat yet.”

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