‘The Walking Dead,’ Season 8, Episode 12: “The Key”

AMC's 'The Walking Dead,' Season 8, Episode 12, Rick Grimes with Lucille

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Welcome to the Episode 12 (titled “The Key”) recap of Season 8 of AMC’s The Walking Dead! Here’s what went down.

Let’s Get the Car Chase Out of the Way

So, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), still grieving over his dead son, is left to his own devices against the better judgement of Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus).

Let that sink in a moment.

CF:  When the redneck asshole in your group thinks you’re going a bit too far with shit, you’re going a bit too far with shit.

Even Daryl thinks Rick should chill with him rather than scouting for Negan’s group. Of course, Rick–as usual–has the last say and gets to scout the group anyway.

So, there are no surprises when he sees Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) travelling solo is a car within the main group of Saviors that Rick decides to fuck shit up. For once, though, it’s kind of a good thing because the Saviors are on their way to infect as many people from Hilltop as they can hit.

Somehow Rick manages to predict the exact roads Negan’s group will use and lays in waiting for them to pass so he can ram Negan’s car. Simon (Steven Ogg) seems totally okay with this. However, he spends the entire episode being sketchy as. But, more on that later…

As a result of the ram raid, Rick and Negan end up in an abando. Negan is sans Lucille, having dropped her down a hole in the ground–the same hole in which he and Rick end up. They both monologue the fuck out of the scene as they try to work out where each other is hiding in the dark. In the process, Rick finds Lucille and sets to beating the shit out of Negan with it.

In true AMC style, though, Negan gets Lucille back and both escape out of a window before a swarm of walkers really do them any damage.

Outside, Rick can’t find Negan but that’s because Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) has and I am betting Negan needs a pair of shitting pants now because Jadis doesn’t like to monologue like Rick does.

CF:  This whole sequence… I really don’t know how to feel about it.  The beginning of it was Crazy Rick in his prime: fucking shit up without a care in the world, which means if he’d used his head he could have killed Negan quickly rather than spray and pray that he wasted him with an AK-47.  The first time Rick had Negan where he wanted him I had to comment the AMC writing staff: Rick just grabbed the hatchet and was ready to kill Negan without saying anything.  Little did I know that’s because they were saving it all up for the BIG MONOLOGUING SESSION that followed!  Negan did get one thing right: Rick has pretty much become a psychopath, because not giving a shit about being trapped in a basement with zombies and only giving a shit if Negan dies first is really is crazy-ass behavior.  But we already knew Rick is nuttier than fuck these days and it’s not going to get better.

This whole scene was like AMC though it would be cool to have something long and drawn out that ultimately went nowhere, because why not?  We gotta kill time.

.And now Jadis has Negan.  I expect we won’t see much of Jadis in the future ’cause Negan will likely kill her when he gets the chance.  Unless he doesn’t.  Maybe they’ll have crazy sex.  Who knows?

RT: I suspect, based on the synopsis for Episode 14, Negan will be the prisoner that “makes a discovery.” My bet is that the discovery will be something to do with the helipad and Georgie.

CF: That actually sounds like a good bet.

AMC's 'The Walking Dead,' Season 8, Episode 12, Simon rallies the troops

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Simon Wants to be King

Now, back to Simon.

Episode 12 of The Walking Dead sees a real shift in Simon. He corners Dwight (Austin Amelio) and tries to suss him out. Dwight, who is paranoid as fuck, can’t seem to work out if Simon is legit or not so plays it pretty low key. However, when Negan’s car is found, filled with a fair amount of blood that is walker in orientation, it is enough for Dwight to finally jump on over to Simon’s thinking.

And that thinking–or so Dwight thinks–is that Simon wants to cut his losses and move on.

But, no. Simon wants to be the new Negan and rallies Negan’s group together on a mission to totally wipe out Rick’s group.

Oh shit, Dwight, how are you going to get that message back to Daryl?

CF:  And just as an aside, now that Negan knows Simon killed all the Junkyard Kids, his days on the earth are numbered by how long Negan stays away.  ‘Cause you know he’s getting Luciled the moment Negan returns.

RT: Totally agree. Simon is FUBAR now. Although, it now means Negan could have Rick AND Simon against him…

CF: I don’t see Simon siding with Rick.  I don’t know if there is an end game for Simon now; I think he’s pretty much out by the end of this season.

RT: I don’t see Simon and Rick teaming up either. However, it might be enough to wipe that stupid smirk off Negan’s face.

AMC's 'The Walking Dead,' Season 8, Episode 12, Maggie and Georgie

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AMC Throws Another Group into the Mix

At Hilltop, Maggie (Lauren Cohan) knows the Saviors are coming and they are all ready to batten down the hatches and kill as many Saviors as possible.

Except, there is a bunch of crates that suddenly appear outside the compound and Maggie just has to check them out.

CF: Of course there’s crates.  Bitches love crates.

The crates have a message too: give us food and we will give you something in return.

Hmmm… sounds like another Negan has just stepped into the ring.

Maggie’s group figure this as well but check it out anyway because they just can’t help themselves.

Just like AMC can’t help introducing new groups into the show.

So, this new group is lead by a woman called Georgie (Jayne Atkinson) who claims to have a head full of knowledge. However, she surrounds herself with two dropkicks called Hilda (Kim Ormiston) and Midge (Misty Ormiston) and I am wondering if these two are just members of Jadis’ group because they also seem to speak in clipped sentences. However, if you tuned into our predictions for the second half of Season 8 of The Walking Dead, this might just be bang on the money.

Initially, Georgie wants to strike a deal with Hilltop: food for resources. Maggie agrees even though they are already on quarter rations. She brings Georgie and her dropkicks back to Hilltop and once this new group sees how poverty stricken they really are, decide to give them some food instead of the other way around. They also give Maggie some plans for how to make awesome shit so they can rebuild civilization. Georgie will be back though, so Maggie better consider the food basket a loan rather than a gift.

CF: Here’s where I do what I like to do the most, which is give information.  And I will.

RT: I was so hoping you would 😀

CF: The moment–the very fucking moment–I saw Georgie, I said, “Yep, New World Order’s here.”  And your Inquisitr article pretty much confirms what I thought.  For those who don’t know, Issue 175 introduced the Commonwealth, which is located near Cleveland. Eugene found out about this place by contacting someone over shortwave, and he, Michonne, and a few others–Siddiq among them–started walking in that direction and eventually made contact.

The Commonwealth is not just a safe zone like Alexandra or Hilltop: there are 50,000 people living there and they are well protected, have fairly advanced technology–oh, and they are able to put on actual concerts for entertainment.  It’s really a city-state and it’s been in place, more or less, since the world fell four years earlier. (The Commonwealth shows up after The Whisperer’s War, which happens two years after the All Out War story line.)

The Commonwealth is run by Pamela Milton, who some people believe is actually modeled a little after Hillary Clinton.  She’s a straight-to-the-point administrator who has a lot of ideas about bringing civilization back–and not just like Rick and Co. have done in Virginia, but really bringing it back to where the world was before it went to shit in 2010. (Thank you Fear the Walking Dead for giving us that date.) She doesn’t seem as crazy as The Governor or Negan, or even Rick for that matter, but since this is The Walking Dead, you know this bitch ain’t gonna let anything stand in her way of getting the world back on it’s feet.

Here’s the cover of Issue #176 where Pamela was introduced:


And here’s a panel where she’s speaking to Michonne about her views on bringing the world back (Click on it to bring it to full size):

There is some similarity in appearance, though Georgie’s dress and manner of speaking is a bit different, but you know, when you’re out in the wild you’re not gonna dress up in suits and talk like a fucking bureaucrat to people you just met.

The Twitterverse is completely on-board with the Georgie/Pamela connection and I’m on board with this as well, because if AMC is going their own way from the comic at this point–and given the shit that’s recently happened, they damn sure are–it’s smart for them to do a jump forward after All Out War to where the Colonies are with the plans given to them by Georgie.  While she said she’d be back, she didn’t say when, so doing a two year jump into the future, showing how well Alexandria and Hilltop and The Kingdom are doing–and in the comic they are rebuilding the world well–and then having Georgie and the New World Order return would make a great deal of sense. It would also make for Drama with a D ’cause the NWO would probably want to bring the Colonies into their fold under their rules, and you know some people *coughRickcough* probably wouldn’t like that.

And it brings up something that Enid said to Maggie: how is it these people are out there tooling around giving shit away and no one as taken their shit?  I mean, Georgie and said dropkicks are stylin’ around in a modified van that would make anyone from the Mad Max series smile, and they’re doing so without a care in the world.  That means they’re not just a bunch of no-bodies out on their own, which mean they need a base of operation.  Now, I did postulate that The Heaps, aka Home of the Former Junkyard Kids, could have been the location of the NWO, but with Jadis taking Negan I’m starting to wonder if maybe they were just a forward base of operation keeping an eye on shit around D.C..  After all, as Jadis once said, “We watch.”  Yeah, no shit.

So where could The Commonwealth be location in this new continuity?  Where could you put a lot of people who are out of sight of our current world?  If I had to guess, I’d pick a place Alicia Clark knew well in a previous life: Mount Weather.


Less than fifty miles/eighty kilometers from Alexandra, it’s one of the places the U.S. government goes when the country is under attack.  It’s mostly a FEMA HQ these days, but when enormous shit hits the fan, Congress and a lot of people people would go here–and probably die here as well.  But a few might make it and since there would likely be a whole lot of documentation on how to brink the world back up there as well. Why, once the living took care of the dead it’s as good a place as any to rebuild and created a community of 50,000 people–or, at least, become the base of operations for that new government and maybe have the majority of people living in Winchester, a city fifteen miles/twenty-five kilometers away.  It makes a lot of sense.

Of course this is just me speculating, but if I were writing for AMC–which I’m not because, you know, the episodes would be better if I were–I’d be pitching the shit out of this idea.

RT: THANK YOU! I am in agreeance, as soon as Georgie turned up, I thought NWO as well–and I haven;t read the comics in ages.

CF:  It’s really too much of a coincidence not to be The Commonwealth or something built along those lines.


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You can view the trailer for Episode 13 (titled “Do Not Send us Astray”) of The Walking Dead below.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Episode 13 of Season 8 on Sunday, March 25, at 9 p.m. EST.

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