‘The Walking Dead,’ Season 8, Episode 13: “Do Not Send Us Astray”

AMC's 'The Walking Dead,' Season 8, Episode 13, Do Not Send Us Astray, Darryl Dixon

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Welcome to the Episode 13 (titled “Do Not Send Us Astray”) recap of Season 8 of AMC’s The Walking Dead! Before we get started, can we just take a moment to try and work out the logistics of Daryl Dixon riding a motorcycle and using a machine gun?


CF: The stupid was strong in this episode and this was one of the low points.  Or high.  It all depends.

Nope, I couldn’t make sense of it either…

Besides that bullshit, here’s what else went down.

AMC Clears the Table

Since AMC introduced a new group of people in last week’s episode of The Walking Dead, it is now time to cull the herd. So, this means Simon (Steven Ogg), who has very quickly developed a Negan complex, has decided it’s time to wipe Hilltop off the map. While the walker tainted arrows are good and all, Simon just wants them all gone.

When he turns up at Hilltop, though, Maggie (Lauren Cohan) reminds him that she is the Widow and Simon can just turn around and go home or she’ll kill the remaining 38 hostages.

Simon gives zero fucks.

So, Maggie, about that food problem, it looks like it just got 38 mouths worse…

Except, now the battle is on and a whole pile of bodies are dropping on both sides.

While Simon’s main objective may be to wipe everyone out, the Saviors are still using infected ammo where possible because Simon is still outwardly pretending like he gives a shit about Negan’s (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) plan. As a result of this, shit gets doubly messy for Hilltop overnight.

When Simon’s group finally turn back after being bluffed into approaching the main house and getting fired on my Maggie’s group, Hilltop settle in to sleep. Rick makes a point of mentioning they are conserving gas by turning off the generators. Which means it’s open doors everywhere to allow for cool night breezes.

So, when all those people hit by tainted weapons start turning in the middle of the night, it a free for all at the buffet counter.

CF:  After Rick pissed away many, many hundreds of liters in a high-speed chase just the episode before, NOW it’s time to turn off the generators.  ‘Cause there’s no gas.  Another of Rick’s Planstm gone straight to hell!

AMC's 'The Walking Dead,' Season 8, Episode 13, Do Not Send Us Astray, Gavin and Morgan

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Morgan Sees Dead People and I Don’t Want that on Fear the Walking Dead

Morgan (Lennie James) did the right thing by telling Henry (Macsen Lintz) that Gavin (Jayson Warner Smith) was the one who killed Henry’s brother. But, instead of giving himself a pat on the back about averting a situation, Morgan goes full level crazy and starts seeing Gavin everywhere. Seriously, if this infects Fear the Walking Dead when Morgan turns up in the Season 4 premiere on April 15, I am going to be so pissed!

Plus, besides the annoying aspect of Crazy Morgan, Henry saw right through his story and now we have a new kid that just won’t stay in the house.

CF:  I’m pretty sure this is gonna be one of the things that sets Morgan on the road to Fear Land, but Jesus: if he thinks it’s gonna be honey and roses once he hooks up with Madison, back the crazy truck up, bitches, ’cause he’s gonna be drivin’.  Also, this mean–something I’ve never given much thought to–that we’re gonna have a huge-ass time jump on Fear with Morgan showing up.

RT: I’m not sure about the time jump, I really hope not. I am banking on it being the period of time after Rick first caught up with Morgan and that second time when he was batshit crazy after his son died. If this is the case, we can at least look forward to the fact Morgan’s time on Fear will have an expiry date.

AMC's 'The Walking Dead,' Season 8, Episode 13, Do Not Send Us Astray, Tobin turns

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AMC Pulls Their Signature Move

So, I’m watching Episode 13 of The Walking Dead Season 8 with my daughter and she asks the question, “Why are they suddenly showing us Tobin?” Even as she said it, she worked it out. Yes, Tobin (Jason Douglas) got his moment to catch up with Carol (Melissa McBride) and sort things out after he got wounded. Then he died while everyone was sleeping and killed a bunch of people before anyone worked it out.

He’s not the only one turning because of the tainted weapons, though. A whole bunch of people have the shortest infection and death rate ever and turn along with Tobin so they can thin the herd.

CF: Yeah, the moment Tobin–who hasn’t been seen since Carol went all nutty–started showing up all the fucking time, you knew he was a dead man walking–literally.  AMC must really think no one understands their bullshit after 8 seasons.

Oh, and can we talk about all the ninja zombies at Hilltop?  You know, the ones no one hear; the ones that don’t cause you to scream when they bite you; the ones that don’t wake up a single person when they fall down the stairs in the same goddamn area where people are sleeping?  Holy shit, TWD has pulled some bullshit that’s required people to not only suspend belief but wall that bastard up and bury the house under a landslide, but the Ninja Zombies of Hilltop took it all.  That required people to believe that folks who have learned to sleep with one eye open for the most part are suddenly not going to wake up when the undead are literally among them.  Talk about some plot hammered bullshit that I wouldn’t use in bad fanfiction.

RT: My daughter made these same points, Cassidy. That one rolling down the stairs–yeah right, no one woke up. 

AMC's 'The Walking Dead,' Season 8, Episode 13, Do Not Send Us Astray, Henry makes a plan

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Henry Lets the Dogs Out

In the midst of all this, Henry decides to steal a weapon and take on the Savior hostages. He is demanding who killed his brother when one of the Saviors reanimates and starts running amok in the pen. Henry gets trampled in the chaos and a bunch of Saviors prove they have Stockholm Syndrome by escaping. Some chose to stay though and it looks like Maggie will have more help but might be a little more paranoid as she watches her back and tries to work out who is legit on their side and who will double-cross them at the last minute.

Henry also goes missing. I suggest they look for a barn…

CF:  Considering that Henry is the brother of Madison Lintz, who played Sophia and was, at one time, the greatest hide-and-seek player in Walking Dead history, checking all the nearby barns would be the smart thing to do

RT: Haha! I had forgotten he was Madison’s brother 🙂

Dwight Shoots Tara–Which is Likely a Good Thing

While the battle is going on, Tara (Alanna Masterson) is one of those wounded. She feels okay though, insisting it’s just a scratch and carrying on, work as usual. She also tries to convince Daryl (Norman Reedus) that Dwight’s not too bad.

Later on, after the midnight feast, Hilltop work out fairly quickly that everything was caused by tainted weapons and Tara gets that look when they realise she was injured as well. I really hope they let her hang around to see if she shows symptoms or not because I am pretty sure Dwight (Austin Amelio) was firing blanks and not undead arrows.

CF: Since she didn’t turn right away, I’m guessing this is Dwight’s way of getting Tara on Team Don’t Fucking Kill Dwight, ’cause by morning Tara should have been off canoodling with Denise in Lesbian Afterlife Paradise instead of walking around with that worried look on her face.

AMC's 'The Walking Dead,' Season 8, Episode 13, Do Not Send Us Astray, Dwight and Simon

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Speaking of Dwight…

Dwight, dude, you had plenty of time alone with Simon. Why the fuck didn’t you just kill him already?

CF:  Because Simon’s protected by invisible ninja zombies?  Hey, it’s as good an answer as any other shit they showed last night!


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You can view the trailer for Episode 14 (titled “Still Gotta Mean Something”) of The Walking Dead below.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Episode 14 of Season 8 on Sunday, April 1, at 9 p.m. EST.

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