‘The Walking Dead,’ Season 8, Episode 15: “Worth”

AMC's 'The Walking Dead,' Season 8, Episode 15, Worth, Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan and Steven Ogg as Simon

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Welcome to the Episode 15 (titled “Worth”) recap of Season 8 of AMC’s The Walking Dead!

Rick Finally Reads His Letter

After what seems like way too long, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) finally sits down and reads Carl’s (Chandler Riggs) letter. As to be expected, Carl pulls at the heartstrings in an effort to remind his father of what they are really fighting for. Whether this works on not, is anyone’s guess. However, Rick didn’t don his crazy jacket this week, so maybe he is rethinking the whole killing everyone strategy that puts him in the exact same ballpark as Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

Meanwhile, Michonne (Danai Gurira) radios Negan and reads him his letter from Carl. However, Negan has had a really shitty day at work and he tells Michonne to tell Rick to go fuck himself. His plan is now the one Simon (Steven Ogg) had for the Junkies and Hilltop: Kill them.




CF:  I loved hearing Chandler’s voice over in the beginning and almost wondered if we were gonna get another vision of what he wanted in the process.  Given how the All Out War story ends in the comic, I do hope Rick was listening.

But now Negan doesn’t give a shit about Carl and it’s just, “Scorched earth, bitches!” and he’ll just kill everyone.  I’m now somewhat curious to see how much of a deviation there’ll be from the comic next week, ’cause I’m guessing that’s what makes Morgan (Lenny James) go on the road.

AMC's 'The Walking Dead,' Season 8, Episode 15, Worth, Dwight and Negan

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Negan’s Really Shitty Day

So, last week’s episode of The Walking Dead saw Negan pick up a traveler. In true AMC style, it is not until the end of Episode 15 until we know who it is. However, thanks to whoever this person is, Negan spends all of Episode 15 being a douche bag and messing with everyone’s heads.

CF: It’s a shitty job, being a douche bag, but Negan’s just the guy to do it justice.

Now, we all know that Negan knows Simon killed all of the Junkies. This week sees Negan mess around with Simon in regard to it. At one point, he even gets Simon to kneel and you just know Simon is waiting for Lucille’s kiss. However, Negan is all, “No, we’re good,” and I reckon Simon had to change his shorts after that. But, you would never know it because I am pretty sure Simon was a serial killer in his life before the zombie apocalypse and cops it all like a boss. Which is exactly what we know he wishes he was.

CF: I did love Negan’s little speech about how he saw Simon kill a bunch of people, and how it was some “psychotic shit” and why would he keep “a goddamn ghoul” around–that actually said more about the sort of person Simon was than anything.  You do get the impression that Simon didn’t give any fucks about who lived and died before The Fall, which means he gives less now.

RT: You’re absolutely right about that speech. 

In the midst of all this, Negan is also continuing his plan for world domination. He gets together his main group and nuts out a plan to surround Hilltop and it is sounding like the Season 6 finale all over again.

CF:  Roadblocks.  Roadblocks everywhere…

AMC's 'The Walking Dead,' Season 8, Episode 15, Worth, Negan has a plan

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Dwight (Austin Amelio) immediately makes a copy of this map for Daryl and I am starting to feel a little uneasy at this point.

CF:  I was as well.  It was starting to feel too much like a setup at that point.

RT: Exactly!

Speaking of Dwight, Negan is also chatting to him and bringing up old shit that immediately makes the viewer think Negan picked up Laura (Lindsley Register) on his way back to the Sanctuary. If this is the case, Dwight is one fucked up little motherfucker.

Besides all of Negan’s crap, Simon is trying to get an uprising happening–furthering my opinion he was some sort of messed up dude before all this went down. He gets a group together and finally convinces Dwight to come over to the double dark side.

Except, Dwight is a double-crosser and dobs on Simon. Of course, we don’t know this until Dwight looks down at the cigarette Negan made him put out when he was having the little “my dick is bigger than yours and you need to remember this conversation latter on” chat earlier in the episode.

So, this means that Simon is challenged to a duel with Negan and it becomes a fight to the death. Simon–as cocky as ever–promises the Saviors that he will be an awesome leader once Negan is gone. Except Negan gets the upper hand and chokes the life right out of Simon. This means Simon is now a part of the walker decoration surrounding the Sanctuary and I will never get sick of seeing that.

CF: I did love that scene and knowing Steven he probably did as well.  I didn’t watch Talking Dead last night, so I don’t know if he was happy or not.

The way Dwight was played was a master craft lesson in fucking with someone.  This part was written perfectly.

RT: I will be watching Talking Dead this morning as I will be interested to see what Steven Ogg has to say too.

As for fucking with Dwight. Yes, I seriously loved the intricate plays Negan had going in this episode. It does make you realise, too, just how much hard work it is to emotionally manipulate people into doing your hard work.

CF:  And the really great thing is that Jeffery Dean Morgan pulls it off so effortlessly.  If he wasn’t so good an actor you’d probably not want to have him in your close circle of friends, ’cause he’d probably fuck with you non-stop.

AMC's 'The Walking Dead,' Season 8, Episode 15, Worth, Negan and walker Simon

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Oh, and Gregory (Xander Berkeley) is randomly back at the Sanctuary and trying to get a foothold in the shakeup. Which means, when it looks like Simon is going down to Negan, Dwight entrusts him with the copied map. He tells him to run to Hilltop and let them in on Negan’s plan. Gregory doesn’t have to be asked twice and takes off for Hilltop.

Except that plan was a fake made up by Negan and he really did pick up Laura in Episode 14 of The Walking Dead.

Oh, Dwight, you are so fucked now.

Negan decides to keep Dwight around for nothing other than: reasons.

CF:  Reasons that involved fucking someone hard.  Over and over.

AMC's 'The Walking Dead,' Season 8, Episode 15, Worth, Ross Marquard as Aaron

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Why Are We Even Wasting Time On Aaron?

Remember how Aaron (Ross Marquand) sent Enid (Katelyn Nacon) home and decided to hang around Oceanside and convert them? Well, I’m not sure why but AMC seems to think we actually give a shit about this storyline and dedicates way too much airtime to it this week in Episode 15 of The Walking Dead Season 8. But, don’t worry, I’m not going to. All you need to know is that Aaron is having a really shitty time and isn’t dead yet.

CF:  I was like, “What is this shit?  Why are we here?”  Well, we know what’s going to happen: right when The Hilltop Gang is deep in the shit and it looks like they’re gonna lose, Aaron shows up with The Oceanside Warrior Women and turns the tide–no pun intended.  Why else are they showing us this shit?  It’s to let us know that Aaron did convince these women to help out.  I’m calling it now.

RT: This is exactly what I fear too. Although, it would have been nice ot let Simon live another week so these women could tear him apart.

AMC's 'The Walking Dead,' Season 8, Episode 15, Worth, Eugene Porter

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Eugene Is An Asshole And Rosita And Daryl Are Idiots

Eugene (Josh McDermitt) is still being a major dick now he is in charge of bullet making. He pulls up Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) for making dodgy bullets. When Gabriel tries to work on Eugene’s moral code, Eugene just tells him to shut the fuck up and stop making faulty bullets.

But then, Eugene goes and gets himself kidnapped by Rosita (Christian Serratos) and Daryl (Norman Reedus). With him now out of Negan’s clutches, he does the exact thing everyone expects of Eugene–he sucks up to Rosita and Daryl. This goes down like a lead balloon and he narrowly avoids being killed–at separate times–by both Rosita and Daryl.

Then Eugene does something interesting. He sticks his fingers down his throat and pukes all over Rosita. This gives him a window of opportunity and he escapes.

CF: I laughed when this scene went down because I could imagine all the takes needed to get it right and seeing Christian standing there getting puked on.  Though why she didn’t just kill his ass right there I’ll never know.

Rosita and Daryl follow after him but run right past Eugene who has buried himself in a monster pile of human ashes. Boy, was he lucky that was there and he didn’t actually have to rely on his running abilities.

Rosita and Daryl are idiots though and never even consider the fact Eugene can’t run. Instead, they keep on running past Eugene and he makes it back to Negan’s group just in time to step up the pace and make more bullets.

CF:  Even though I know Eugene isn’t supposed to die, I kept wanting Rosita to pump a round in his head.  Asshole Eugene is really too much to take and maybe if Rosita had shot him in the leg or foot, he wouldn’t have gotten away so quickly.

RT: I totally agree. I don’t think Eugene can ever be redeemed now.


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You can view the trailer for the Season 8 finale, Episode 16 (titled “Wrath”), of The Walking Dead below.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Episode 16 of Season 8 on Sunday, April 15, at 9 p.m. EST. Season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead will premiere afterwards at 10 p.m.

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3 thoughts on “‘The Walking Dead,’ Season 8, Episode 15: “Worth”

  1. I’m really disappointed to see Simon go, even though his days were numbered. For me, he was one of the few outstanding characters in TWD as he is instantly memorable, he (Steven Ogg) lives the part and in many ways becomes the baddy you want to see succeed.
    Negan on the other hand, is the ultimate baddy and they won’t kill him off in a hurry. C’mon Rick, nail that bastard!
    I agree on Daryl, Rosita and Eugene. What a pointless caper that was! As for Aaron, I thought he was already dead.

  2. Personally I m a bit shocked with some of the liberties taken by the writers and how so many fans seem to just lap it up without question. I’ve enjoyed TWD from the beginning but seeing scenes like Negen being tied down by Jadis only to miraculously get free and aquire a gun, photos and a flare. Or Eugene getting away from two armed captors by puking on one. This is really lazy writing in my opinion. In one scene a character appears to be super human, dodging thousands of rounds only to be thwarted in the next by someone with a stick and some string. Then there’s the endless 9s and 10s on IMDB. “INCREDIBLE EPISODE” I, for one, feel that it’s just being drawn out now. Time to call it a day folks.

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