‘The Walking Dead,’ Season 8 Mid-Season Return, Episode 9: “Honor”

AMC's 'The Walking Dead,' Season 8, Episode 9, Carol and Morgan

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Welcome to the Season 8 return of AMC’s The Walking Dead! So, what happened with Carl? Well, pull up a chair and get comfortable because, in true AMC style, we are going to cover all the other shit first.

Carol and Morgan Go Hunting

With Ezekiel (Khary Payton) being held hostage by the Saviors, Carol (Melissa McBride) decides to return to the Kingdom and kill everyone fix that shit up. She looks after the other surviving members of the Kingdom and has an argument with Henry (Macsen Lintz) who claims to be a big boy now and wants to go with Carol. She tells him to stay in the house so we already know where this is going…

Carol gets to the Kingdom and bumps into Morgan (Lennie James). He is determined to kill more people than Carol on account of him being so far beyond PTSD it not even funny. So much so that Carol is scared.

And so the killing beings.

AMC's 'The Walking Dead,' Season 8, Episode 9, Ezekiel

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In the middle of all this, Ezekiel does a pretty good job of messing with the Savior leader who was tasked with bringing him back to the Sanctuary. To be honest, I really thought this guy would be okay even though Morgan was wanting to kill him.

Instead, little Henry does and it pretty much messes everyone up (myself included).

Carl’s Preaches to the Crowd

Now that that is out of the way, let’s get onto what happened with Carl (Chandler Riggs)–because I know that’s why you’re here! 😉

So, we get a flashback of Carl being bitten, just so there is no shadow of a doubt he got bitten by a walker. (Damn, there goes that Whisperer theory I was hoping for.) We then get to see what happened after that. About how Carl brought Saddiq (Avi Nash) back to Alexandria and hid him in the tunnels so he could “have a word to his dad” first, but what he really meant was he was going to have a shower and write letters to everyone before he dies.Carl also spends some quality time with Judith (Chloe & Sophia Garcia-Frizzi) that results in me blubbering all over the place.

AMC's 'The Walking Dead,' Season 8, Episode 9, Carl Grimes, Judith, selfies

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But, that’s okay, because I am sure Carl will be okay, in the same way Jon Snow was perfectly alright in Game of Thrones. It’s just a scratch really and Carl has been shot in the head and survived for fuck’s sake!

Later, once the shit has gone down in Alexandria, we are finally brought up to speed and now begins the truly devastating part of Episode 9 of The Walking Dead Season 8: watching Carl die.

While they are all in the tunnels, listening to the Saviors blow shit up, they all start to get a bit jittery. They want to head to Hilltop rather than stay there but Dwight (Austin Amelio) convinces them to stay until the explosions stop.

However, once the explosions stop, it means they all have to say goodbye to Carl because he is now too weak to move.

Before he goes, Saddiq not only offers up some anti-inflammatory medication but reveals he was a resident doctor. Rick wants to know if this was the reason Carl chose to bring Saddiq into their fold. Carl denies it. At this point, I am convinced this is when the Carl is immune theory will start to kick in. But, alas, that’s not the case.

 AMC's 'The Walking Dead,' Season 8, Episode 9, Carl with Michonne and Rick

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Instead, what we get is a whole chunk of time that involves Carl telling Rick to stop with the killing already and become a better man. He uses the example of when Carl killed that teen back in the Prison days and Rick decided it was time to stop killing people rather than have his son turn into a little serial killer. So there, Rick, you’d better stop with the murder party already. Rick totally agrees with him because who is going to argue with someone who is dying?

Carl says goodbye to Judith, who bursts into tears (I swear it wasn’t me) as she is taken away to Hilltop. Daryl also let’s Carl know he saved them all and heads off (once again, I’m NOT crying, I swear). Then the others leave and it is just Rick and Michonne (Danai Gurira) alone with Carl.

If you weren’t bawling already, it’s time to really hunker down because the cry-fest is about to hit you.

After a while, Rick is convinced they have to move out of the tunnel and they help Carl out. They go to the church and Carl announces he wants to kill himself because it wouldn’t be fair to have someone else have to do it. Rick tries to deny it but it doesn’t take long for Carl to convince them to wait outside a moment.

We also discover that those dreams we thought Rick was having about the future and his being old, were really Carl’s dreams and he hoped Rick would follow through on his vision.


<Insert ugly crying here>

Yeah, Carl’s dead and I totally thought it wasn’t going to happen so that ugly crying is all me 🙁

We see Rick and Michonne burying Carl after this and we get another flash of Carl’s dream.

It’s Negan.

Working in the garden and saying good morning to Judith.

I hate you AMC.

I fucking hate you to hell and back.

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You can view the trailer for Episode 10 (titled “The Lost And The Plunderers”) of The Walking Dead below.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Episode 9 of Season 8 on Sunday, March 4, at 9 p.m. EST.

[Featured image via Gene Page/AMC]

4 thoughts on “‘The Walking Dead,’ Season 8 Mid-Season Return, Episode 9: “Honor”

  1. Yep…ugly crying here too. I’m exhausted from all the crying. I cried again during the In Memorium tribute on Talking Dead. Hard. Like my own son died. It’s ridiculous.

    • I haven’t watched Talking Dead yet, it doesn’t air until much later here in Australia. However, I did rewatch it when my daughter got home from school and the ugly crying was worse when I didn’t have to take notes 🙁

  2. The Walking Soap Opera – Nice Try, but failure. Only for laughs now. From White Zombie 1932, to Last Man on Earth 1964, to Night of the Living Dead 1968, now TWD?

    Ok, nice try to explain how the Saviors escaped Saviorville. The started machine-gunning the zombies, while Mr. Morgan just watched. Why didn’t Morgan start shooting the Saviors? Is that a stupid question? No. What happened to all the zombies that infiltrated Saviorville. Last time I looked they were inside and Mr. Eugene was just looking at them in horror, just before he had a conference with Mr. Negan. No explanation there. Next we see Morgan escaping, and the saviors now have a convoy heading towards our Heroe. But wait that’s only one convoy. Wasn’t there supposed to be 3. One to Alexandria, one to stop the Hilltop convoy and one to the Kingdom. So, the saviors took care of all the zombies that attacked Saviorville, with endless amount of bullets, and had enough to manpower, ammunition, and vehicles to mount a 3 front attack on out heroes.

    Like I said, I’m only here for the laughs now. Because this show is dead. It’s not about any type of logic. It’s not about zombies. Early in the series our heroes found their way to the CDC and we found out some info on the zombies. Well, that line of thinking is clearly not on the shows mind. We know nothing about the zombies. How about some episodes with scientist researching the apocalypse or something. No, we get soap opera.

    So Coral’s been bit by, someone mentioned a cookie cutter. It looks like the zombie pressed his mouth on Coral’s mid section then unpressed. But wait, they showed the zombie biting and ripping flesh. But wait, there’s no ripped flesh. We see teeth marks on Coral, not flesh torn marks.

    Ok, so they drag Coral’s death for the entire episode. He finally offs himself. There’s a flash forward where we see Rick, Michone, Judith, Eugene and at the end we see Uncle Negan. Wow, this is Soap Opera heaven. If you’re not laughing. Please do. This show is a joke.

    Just so we are not completely bored with the entire extended episode death of Coral, we have Carol and Morgan going Carol on the Saviors at the Kingdom. Ok, we have some decent kills here. Best is when Morgan rips the guts out of one of the Saviors. Worst part is when the little kid kills the last Savior, and Carol gives him a BS lecture on not killing, and that nonsense of EZQO and Carol telling Morgan that he does not have to kill the last Savior. Garbage.

    EZQO: “Why do I smile”. I say “Why do I laugh”

    Last episode I said I was done with this show. But now I found a new mission. I watch it for laughs now.

    From Nosferatu 1922, to White Zombie 1932, to Last Man on Earth 1964, to Night of the Living Dead 1968, to Messiah of Evil 1972. These are all serious horror films, and are highly recommended.

    The laughs started with Dawn of the Dead 1978, a poorly acted, garbage makeup, cheap pile of crap. Add in the comedy or soap opera drama and what we have is The Walking Dud. It’s only good for laughs. This past few weeks AMC have been showing ALL the episode and I caught some segments of the episodes. I now I must confess. It is truly garbage. I use to like this show, waited for it eagerly. Now they destroyed it for me, even the older episodes. Now I can only watch if for laughs. I laugh at the retarded actions of the characters, or their dialogue. For instance, kill him, no don’t kill him, we can be better, we have to be better. Nonsense soap opera drama. Too bad. This is not a serious show. It’s a joke. Only for laughs.


    – Michone asks Dwight to make the Saviors stop bombing Alexandria – a joke?
    – Judith crying in front of Coral. Obvious dubbing – a joke?
    – Carol and Morgan bomb the entrance to the Kingdom theater. And, we all know they will start shooting from the back. What happens, Carol and Morgan start shooting the Saviors from the back. So, the Saviors were surviving the Zombie Apocalypse with lower class primate brains, how? By leaving their rear uncovered? – A joke?
    – Gavin wants to give EZQO a pillow for his last truck ride. What a way to give Gavin some decency. – A joke?

    Rest in Peace CORAL – even though your father couldn’t even pronounce your name.

  3. Never have I been more pleased to see Negan’s grinning chops, believe me. They couldn’t have milked Coral’s final moments more if they’d had a dairy cow on hand. A nice fluffy Jersey with huge udders for example. Blimey.
    I wasn’t crying, I was celebrating that the most irritating character on TWD had finally gone to the other side. The disappointing part was that we didn’t see him actually turn. Ffs! AMC, that would have been a stonking great laugh.
    What a let down.

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