What To Do When You Run Out Of Netflix Series To Watch? Why Not Check Out Their Foreign Section

Foreign TV meme

So, as any TV addict would know, sometimes it’s just damn hard to find anything to watch on Netflix. You’ve watched all the good stuff, binged on the new releases, rewatched your favourites. Yet, there is still nothing to be found on Netflix.

Since Cassidy and I have been struggling with new things to binge on, we decided to check out some of the foreign titles on offer.

And, boy, is there some absolute rippers out there!

Yes, I know that subtitled TV series can be a little more challenging at times. After all, I crochet and TV-watching is also my crochet time. However, when I watch foreign TV, I have to set my crochet aside in order to see what is going on. However, sometimes this is completely worth the effort!

You can check out the latest foreign TV series Cassidy and I have been binging on here. Plus, all of these titles are available on Netflix, so they are easily checked out 😉

And, as per usual, let us know what you think if you check out some of these series. Also, do you have a fave foreign TV series that we haven’t watched yet? Make sure you let us know in the comments!

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