Your Own “Walking Dead” Location Tour — Season 2

Hello again, and welcome to Cassidy’s Tour Through The Walking Dead Shooting Locations!  Yes, this trip not only doesn’t cost you a dime–beyond Internet charges, that is–but with the GPS locations provided, you can actually view a lot of these places from the comfort of your own home!

A few days ago I showed you shooting locations used in Season 1 and since we’re progressing down the line to Season 9, that means we’re moving on to the next season. And that means we’re about to get into one of the most controversial seasons of The Walking Dead ever.

That’s because, we’re going down on The Farm.

We all know the story.  Frank Darabont wanted to continue filming like The Walking Dead was another of his movies.  AMC cut the per episode budget and eventually fired Frank and replaced him with Scott Gimple, the Man Rachel and I Love to Hate. Frank turned around and sued AMC for the butt-ton of money he says they owe him, with said legal proceedings continuing to this day–

In the meantime, however, The Walking Dead produced a season some say is a complete shit show, and some–Rachel and myself included–say is a masterpiece of character building.

What evar!  I’m just here to take you on a tour of the locations where that season was filmed.

Note: The majority of photos were shot with the Wayback Machine showing what the area looked like in late 2011, which is about 6 months after filming took place.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

Season 2 Shooting Locations.


Rick Speaking on the Radio to Morgan (GPS: 33.75348, -84.38417)


Rick was atop a parking garage on Piedmont Ave adjacent to a U of G Research building telling Morgan they were leaving Atlanta.  This was one of several into scenes filmed for the premier episode, What Lies Ahead, but what people didn’t know at the time is it offered one of the biggest future Easter Eggs The Walking Dead would ever give.  And what are we talking about?



Though my Street View image doesn’t show it well, the building shown behind Rick at the end of filming is Grady Memorial Hospital.  As in the place where Beth is going to spend some quality time later down the time line?  Yep, we didn’t know it, but we were looking at a future protagonist.  Really sneaky, guys.

The Group Leaves Atlanta (GPS: 33.78585, -84.41511)

It’s from this point that The Group packs up and hits the road for Fort Benning, which is way southwest of Atlanta.  Do this location look familiar?  That’s because it’s the same abandoned building used in the episode Vatos, only we’re filming at the east end instead of being over in the rundown section to the west.  You’re going to see this happen more than a few times throughout the filming of The Walking Dead.  This was also the farthest north the show filmed for Season 2.


Trivia: Originally the opening of Season 2 would have developed as a two-part episode, with the first part being Miles Behind Us and the second part being What Lies Ahead.  Miles Behind Us would have shown the fall of Atlanta through the eyes of the guy who Rick ran into inside the tank at the end of Days Gone Bye: we would have also seen how Dale, Andrea, and Amy met up and encountered the other Atlanta Survivors.  Miles Behind Us would have also seen Shane getting chased by zombies after getting a flat near the CDC, the fate of the Vatos, and The Group camping out in the retirement home before leaving Atlanta. Miles Behind Us was scrapped because of budget cuts and this move was seen as the excuse AMC needed to remove Frank Darabont from the show he created.  Only a few scenes from Miles Behind Us remain in What Lies Ahead: most can be found on the Season 2 DVD.

The Wreck on the Highway; Sophia Lost (GPS: 33.3792, -84.28811)

It’s here, on westbound GA State 20, that The Group encounters a massive pileup on the highway and has to stop, which leads to our first “herd” coming though, scaring off Sophia and starting a multi-episode game of Hide and Seek.  This location is seen a lot more throughout the series and you’ll see those spots as we go through the seasons.


And in case you ever wondered, GA State 20 is better known as the main feeder highway from I-75 to the Atlanta Motor Speedway.


The Church With Bells (GPS: 33.25567, -84.60669)

The Community Bible Church on Luther Bailey Road stood in for the church The Group finds while looking for Sophia. They find the bells and a few zombies inside, and while Shane and Andrea discuss leaving while in the graveyard, Rick has a few words with the J-man: at least he didn’t hack anyone to dead like he does in another church.  And in case you’re wondering, this site is 20.33 mi/32.75 km west of the wreck location.


Carl’s School (GPS: 33.40818, -84.59307)

In a flashback we see Shane telling Lori that Rick was shot, after which she tells Carl. This was filmed in the parking lot of the Peachtree City Elementary School.


Now, ladies and gentlemen, we come to the MOST important site used during Season 2.  Will you please welcome, The Farm.

The Greene Farm:
The Farm House (GPS: 33.300425, -84.522498)
The Camp (GPS: 33.300218, -84.523232)
The Windmill (GPS: 33.301525, -84.524697)
Daryl’s Camp (GPS: 33.301254, -84.526868)
The Barn (?) (GPS: 33.303405, -84.528849)

The Well (?) (GPS: 33.304734, -84.526908)
Shooting Range (?) (GPS: 33.304811, -84.521771)


Before I go any further let me say a few things.  First, this location is EXTREMELY private property and if you try rolling up to get pictures there’s a good chance you’ll get arrested.  The Walking Dead still films here–scenes from Seasons 8 and 9 were filmed on the property–and the people who live here are protective of their privacy.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Second, we’re looking at the property as it appeared in December, 2012, almost a year and a half after Season 2 filming. I did this for clarity and I can tell you with great certainty, not much changed during that time.

And lastly, you’ll notice I have question marks near three sites, primarily The Barn and The Well.  That’s because while they were on the property, they were constructed for the series and were not permanent structures. Nor were they close to the main house: we know for a fact The Walking Dead used CGI to make it appear as if The Barn was a short walk from the House/Camp.  These sites are pure educated guesses and we’ll only learn the real locations if someone from The Walking Dead reads this posts and give me a “hot or cold” hint.

Getting permission to film here was something that Frank Darabont did for the series and apparently took a lot of time and begging, but in the end it paid off.  You can say what you will about The Farm, but the site really took on a life of it’s own and was one of the actually stars of Season 2.

This was also the first location shot in the Senoia area, other than shots done at then-Raleigh Studios.  You can see that in this photo:


Again, do not try and go to The Farm without permission.  And don’t call us when The Man is hauling you off if you DO get busted.

Shane and Otis go for supplies; Otis killed (GPS: 33.36392, -84.81203)

Newnan High School in Newnan was used as the location of the FEMA trailer where Shane and Otis get supplies to save Carl, and where Shane puts one in Otis so Shane can make a run for it.


Maggie and Glenn Ride to the Pharmacy (GPS: 33.33893, -84.64871)
Steve’s Pharmacy; Maggie and Glenn have Sex (GPS: 33.33933, -84.649)

Maggie Greene and “That Asian Boy” Glenn Rhee ride into town to get supplies and end up having sex because Glenn’s sneaking around trying to get a home pregnancy kit for Lori without anyone knowing. I wonder if he ever thanked Lori for that?

This was filmed in the little town of Sharpsburg.  Remember this location as it pops up again.


Trivia: If you ever wondered how this scene played out in the graphic novel, here’s the actual panel.  As you’ll see it happened on the front porch of the main house and Maggie started the conversation because she noticed Glenn eyeing… Carol.  Yes, THAT Carol, though she was a lot different in the GN.  Also, Tyreese was with The Group at The Farm, as you may have guessed from the conversation.  And Maggie was a lot more forward about getting down to business


Daryl Finds an Abandoned Farmhouse (GPS: 33.28235, -84.40293)

In the episode Cherokee Rose Daryl finds an abandoned house where it appears someone had eaten recently. This location is west of Senoia at W McIntoch Road and Quail Road. It’s behind a fence but you can see it from the road.


Daryl Takes a Fall (GPS: 33.5764, -84.70579)

And in Chupacabra Daryl falls off a horse and down a cliff, ends up with an arrow in his side, finds Sophia’s doll, and had an interesting talk with everyone’s favorite racist, Merle.  Oh, and he reverts to full redneck and starts a close relationship with zombie ears.  This location is on Bear Creek and can be reached by path from Cochran Mill Park, which is north of Palmetto.


Shane Picks Up Andrea (GPS: 33.28922, -84.5368)

This is where Shane picks up a pissed-off Andrea after she storms away from one-on-one target practice. This scene is memorable as it’s the first time the show films on Crook Road, a half mile/eight-tenths kilometer stretch a bit east of Senoia and just to the west of the studio. This short stretch of road gets used a lot.


1. Maggie and Glenn Ride to the Pharmacy, Again (GPS: 33.33893, -84.64871)

Once more Maggie and Glenn are on the road to the pharmacy, to get supplies and Lori’s “baby killers” and a little “I Was Almost Eaten By a Zombie” action.  This was the site of their first time seen on horseback:

2. Maggie and Glenn Ride to the Pharmacy, Again (GPS: 33.33893, -84.64871)

And their second approach to the Pharmacy.  As you see here, they’re coming down the other road leading into town.


Andrea and Shane Find Walkers (GPS: 33.3156, -84.55024)

While out looking for Sophia Andrea and Shane head to a housing development and find it overrun with walkers.  This was filmed just a little north of Senoia.


Andrea and Shane Get Jiggy (GPS: 33.28531, -84.53691)

After the excitement of almost getting eaten by walkers, Andrea starts down the road of bad life choices and decides to have sex with Shane in the car.  We’re back to Crook Road for this scene.


Daryl Shows Carol the Cherokee Rose (GPS: 33.28849, -84.52222)

In Pretty Much Already Dead Daryl shows Carol the Cherokee Rose and tells her they’re gonna find Sophia–which hey, they do at the end of this episode, but not in the way Carol was hoping.  Trivia: This scene is significant as it’s the first to be filmed at an open location on Raleigh Studios property and not on one of their sound stages.


Rick and Glenn Go Looking For Herschel (GPS: 33.22625, -84.56953)

Nebraska picks up in the aftermath of Shane’s Big Barn Shitshow and we discover Herschel’s left The Farm and is probably in town getting his drink on. Rick and Glenn go after him and in the process pass a couple of locations that will get used in the next season.


Herschel Getting Drunk; Rick Decides He Does Like Killing The Living (GPS: 33.33916, -84.64881)

Rick and Glenn find Herschel, but before they can bring him home a couple of bros show up and try acting all nice. They wants to know where The Group is staying and no one will say, at which point they decide to do something about it, which means Rick can finally stop pretending he’s not an asshole and kills them. This was filmed right across the street from Steve’s Pharmacy.


Here’s what the location looks like from Street Level, with the “bar” on the left and the “pharmacy” with the SUV parked in front of it on the right.


Lori’s Little Adventure:
Lori Heading Off (GPS: 33.2299, -84.56507)
Lori is the Worst Driver in the World (GPS: 33.22985, -84.56091)
Shane Finds Lori (GPS: 33.22985, -84.56232)

While Rick is off trying not to kill the living and failing miserably, Lori decides to follow her son’s lead and not stay in the house. She takes Maggie’s car and heads off looking for Rick and, in the process of driving distracted on an empty fucking road, she hits a walker and crashes that car.  Later that evening Shane comes looking for her and bullshits her into believing Rick’s back home, which is the only way to get her in the car.

Lori turns off of Magnolia Street on to Aaron Todd road, where all the scenes were filmed.


And I can’t help it: no matter how much I don’t want to laugh at this, I do.


This is how the crash site looks at street level.  You can tell where the car comes to rest on the right because of the tree and red hydrant visible at the end of in the scene.


18 Miles Out:
Intersection (GPS: 33.26814, -84.58256)
Suit Walker (GPS: 33.2702, -84.58524)
Driving with Randall (GPS: 33.27221, -84.58418)

This episode was the one that brought out the animosity between Rick and Shane and a lot of that played out right here as they were taking Randall–one of the bros who got left behind and whom they needed to dump–18 miles out from the farm, hoping he wouldn’t find his way back.  The conversation Rick and Shane have happens right in the middle of Old GA Highway 85 and Luther Bailey Road, about 3 mi/4.5. km south of downtown Senoia.  For the scenes of Rick and Shane driving with Shane looking out the window, they were north of the intersection on Old 85. And the Suit Walker–for a while one of the most iconic images from the show–was seen walking through the field at the northwest corner of the intersection.


Here’s how it looks from street level, with the intersection on the left and the Suit Walker field in the center and right.


Mert County Public Works Building (GPS: 33.241654, -84.27354)

This location stands in for the public works building where Rick and Shane discover some school buses and Shane decides throwing a wrench through a window and releasing a whole lot of zombies is a cool way to start a fight with Rick. On the way to the building they cross the tracks at 33.2408, -84.274390.  Remember all these locations as they get used much more in later seasons.


Trivia: This was the first location in the town of Griffin used for filming.  The town is located 17 mi/27.5 km east of Senoia.

Randall Gets Put in the Trunk (GPS: 33.241654, -84.27354)

Back to Crook Road for the scene where Randall is put in the trunk after he helps rescue Shane and Rick realizes they made need to kill him since he knows Maggie.


Shane, Andrea, Daryl, and T-Dog Driving With Walkers (GPS:  33.301305, -84.524033)

The scene in Better Angels has our four Group members in a pickup getting ready to dump some walker bodies. This is the route they take, moving from top to bottom.


Beside the Dying Fire:
T-Dog, Lori, and Beth Turn Around (GPS: 33.27237, -84.60847)
Daryl and Carol Escape (?) (GPS: 33.290588, -84.519919)

Maggie and Glenn Calm Down (?) (GPS: 33.291016, -84.522889)

Rick, Hershel, and Carl Regroup (?) (GPS: 33.288082, -84.536839)

In the aftermath of losing The Farm in Beside the Dying Fire the survivors scatter and are seen going everywhere.  Now, the one location where I know for sure was filmed was the first, in the pickup, with T-Dog, Lori, and Beth, who turned around on Rock House Road north of Senoia.


The other sites are all conjecture based upon the scenery and what I know of the area.  I believe the Daryl/Carol and Maggie/Glenn scenes were filmed on the service road just to the east of the Raleigh Studios sound stages.  This makes sense as it allows the production people to add in smoke and fog, as they did with Daryl/Carol, without having to worry about affecting others.


Rick, Hershel, and Carl were likely filmed over on Crook Road again because why not?


The Last Campsite  (GPS: 33.27237, -84.60847)

The final campsite for The Group, where Rick announced the formation of The Ricktatorship, happens at Elders Mill on Elders Mill Road, 5 mi/7.5 km west of Senoia.  This is private property, though I’ve read that for $10 one can enter the property and walk around.


And there you go: Season 2 filming locations are a wrap!  Which means it won’t be long before I’m showing you Season 3 locations.

But before I can do that I gotta take care of some stuff… and things.

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