Your Own “Walking Dead” Location Tour — Season 4: On the Road


Welcome once again to Cassidy’s Really Dirt Cheap Tours of The Walking Dead Filming Locations! After a little holiday hiatus I’m back, this time with the back end of Season 4, which saw those who made it out of the prison alive to deal with finding each other again.

Note: The Wayback Machine is set for Late 2013, so we can get an idea of what everything looked like at the time Season 4 was filmed and aired.

Season 4 Shooting Locations Part 2.


Rick and Carl Find Food (GPS: 32.98796, -84.53425)


The Riverside Inn at River Cove and Woodbury Road was the spot where an injured Rick and a totally smart-ass Carl find some food after dispatching a zombie.  Did I just say Woodbury Road?  I sure did. The real town of Woodbury, GA, is located a bit to the west of this location.  And in case you’re wondering, there is also a Hilltop, GA. Trivia: The Woodbury in the graphic novel was supposed to be the real Woodbury, GA.  As of 2016 this location was up for sale: no word on the current state of the establishment.


Rick and Carl Find Shelter (GPS: 33.29979, -84.55733)

The big white house on Pylant Street in Senoia is where Rick and Carl spend a few days resting and recuperating before Michonne comes and along and finds them.  This is not far from the Senoia downtown used as the stand-in for Woodbury and just a block over from what will eventually become The Walking Dead‘s most famous “set”.


Carl Takes On Three Walkers (GPS: 33.2996, -84.55862)
Carl Finds Pudding (GPS: 33.299, -84.55876)

Further down Pylant Street Carl, who is out on his own, takes on three walkers and then, after failing hilariously to shoulder break a door, finds 120 oz of pudding, which he decides to eat.  Trivia: his encounter with the walkers was taken almost verbatim from the graphic novel.


Trivia: Though Chandler Riggs said pudding was something he enjoyed, after having to constantly eat out of a 120 oz can take after take, he got to where he couldn’t stand it any longer.

Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) – The Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 9 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC



Michonne’s Flashback (GPS: 33.29905, -84.55568)

While sleeping in a car Michonne has a dream/flashback of her boyfriend, his friend, and her son.  While we didn’t know it at the time, this scene is pretty historic as it’s the first ever filmed in the development that will stand in for one of the most important sets of the series.  And you can probably tell from the photo where this scene was filmed–albeit with a bit of SFX to make it look as if they were in downtown Atlanta.


Michonne Loses It (?) (GPS: 33.302800, -84.519931)

Though this is somewhat conjectural, I believe the scene of Michonne losing her shit and chopping up a whole lot of zombies was filmed in the woods just off The Greene Farm property.


Daryl and Beth Run Into Walkers/Carol Reunites With Tyreese and the Girls (GPS: 33.30447, -84.58157)

This spot serves double duty.  It’s where Daryl and Beth run into walkers eating people and where, later, Tyreese and the Girl–Lizzy, Mica, and Judith–are reunited with Carol.  This is just off of Bob Walker Freeman Road, about 1.6 mi/2.5 km due west of Senoia.


Tyreese, Carol, Lizzie, and Mica Walking the Tracks (GPS: 33.28763, -84.5248 and 33.286397, -84.522862)

A couple of scenes of Tyreese, Carol, Lizzie, and Mica walking the tracks, probably filed together.  The site closest to the studio happens in Episode 10, after Carol joins them.  The second site happens in a later episode–#14.  Hummm, I wonder what episode that is?


First Terminus Sign (GPS: 33.29934, -84.5521)

This is located on the tracks under Bridge Street, just a short distance east of downtown Senoia.


Maggie, Bob, and Sasha Find Prison Bus (GPS: 33.34063, -84.62271)

The prison bus is found on Reese Road with everyone aboard dead, triggering the beginning of the Maggie and Glenn Obsession Tour.  Trivia: this is about a half mile north of the Woodbury walker pits.


Maggie, Bob, and Sasha Fight Walkers/Tara Meets Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene (GPS: 33.26137, -84.53536)

Not only is this the location where Maggie and the others come out of the woods and fight walkers, but where Tara and an unconscious Glenn encounter Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene for the first time.  This is on Dead Oak Road, just south of Senoia, and just around the corner from one of the locations used in Rick’s “Serpents” scene run back to the Prison after dumping Carol.


Trivia: One of the things The Walking Dead usually gets right are scenes taken directly from the graphic novel and it’s been indicated by several people in the production that they’ll use panels and covers to duplicate scenes in the show.  And the first meeting with Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene was nearly perfect.  While the original meeting happened at the Greene Family Farm–where Maggie and Glenn returned after the Prison fell–with Andrea standing on the roof of the house keeping a rifle pointed at the three visitors, AMC had the three characters get out of the truck and assume the poses drawn for them on the cover of Issue #53.  And it was nearly perfect.

Here’s how the shot looked on TV:


And how they were drawn on the cover:


Like I said, nearly perfect.  This final scene always brings a smile to my face.


Abraham Clears the Road (GPS: 33.34063, -84.62271)

E Murphy Street in East Newnan is where Abraham stops the truck to kill a few zombies and clear the road with some help from Tara. This area is used a few more times…


Food Run, Joe, Terminus:
1. Michonne and Carl Go On A Food Run (GPS: 33.29895, -84.56013)
2. Michonne and Carl Go On A Food Run (GPS: 33.29899, -84.55942)
Rick Escapes Joe’s Gang (GPS: 33.29962, -84.55708)
Rick, Carl, And Michonne “Terminus” Message (GPS: 33.29962, -84.55708)

The first two locations are where Michonne and Carl play their guessing game, find dead kids and paintings of a crazy woman, and some Crazy Cheese BAM!  Back at the white house Rick plays hide and seek–but not nearly as well as Sophia–with Joe’s gang and gets away due to a distracting, otherwise known as some poor asshole he strangles on the toilet.  And lastly Rick, Michonne, and Carl find their first Terminus message on the side of a box car.


Glenn and Tara In the Back of the Truck (GPS: 33.289453, -84.536747)

Glenn finally wakes up in the back of the Abraham Wagon and damn, we’re finally back on Crook Road!  Seems like we haven’t been here in forever!


Glenn and Abraham Fight (GPS: 33.22407, -84.51855)

But we have to head a lot further south for the point where the truck stops and Glenn and Abraham fight and Eugene proves he’s a fuck-up by shooting up the truck.  This happens on Dreweyville Road, close to the location where The Governor gunned down all those Woodbury people.


1. Glenn Begins Looking For Maggie (GPS: 33.33781, -84.71618)
2. Glenn Begins Looking For Maggie (GPS: 33.3382, -84.71526)

In the small burg of Raymond–just a little east of Newnan–we have two scenes of Glenn starting out on his leg of the Obsession Tour, though the second scene is more of Abraham and Tara discussing why she’s along for the walk.  This is on Raymond Carson Street and Raymond Sheddan Ave.


Daryl And Beth Sleep in the Trunk of a Car (GPS: 33.34425, -84.62985)
Moonshine House (GPS: 33.34389, -84.62923)

In Still we see Daryl and Beth sleeping in the truck of a car to escape the rain and a herd.  Later, while Beth is on the hunt for drink, Daryl takes her to a moonshine shack Michonne and he had found some time before.  Both are next to each other on McIntosh Trail, midway between the location of the bar used in Nebraska in the west and the prison bus discovery in the east.


Beth Need a Drink (GPS: 33.25324, -84.31631)

Before getting to the moonshine shack Beth and Daryl go looking for booze at a country club.  The Club at Shoal Creek outside Griffin stands in for that location.


Daryl and Glenn Find Bob (GPS: 33.28855, -84.5368)

Back to Crook Road for the scene when Daryl and Glenn come across Bob walking down the road and ask him The Three Questions.


Beth and Daryl Enter a Cemetery (GPS: 33.2375, -84.83035)
Beth and Daryl Find Refuge (GPS: 33.2341, -84.83363)

Now we head west to Grantville for the scene where Beth and Daryl enter a cemetery after Beth’s foot is caught in a trap and make their way to an undertaker’s house.  While the show made it look like the house was right next to the cemetery, that was all done with CGI.  This is also the last time we see Beth, who doesn’t reappear until Season 5.  Trivia: These are the last scenes ever filmed–until now–in Grantville.  The abandoned factory where Andrea tried to kill The Governor with walkers is across the tracks from where Beth and Daryl enter the cemetery and Morgan’s house is just a street over from the house.


Bob, Sasha, And Maggie Find A Terminus Sign (GPS: 33.342, -84.70166)
Daryl Collapses And Runs Into Joe’s Group (GPS: 33.34147, -84.70244)

In Alone Maggie, Sasha, and Bob find their first Terminus sign and Maggie figures Glenn is heading there.  Later in the same episode Daryl, who is upset he can’t find Beth, collapses just down the track at the intersection of Joe Cox and Bill Hart Roads and runs into Joe’s Gang.


Maggie Kills a Walker to Leave a Message (GPS: 33.36027, -84.77787)

At the rail crossing a E Newnan Road Maggie guts a walked so she can leave a message for Glenn.


Bob And Sasha (And Later, Glenn) Find A Second Message (GPS: 33.35299, -84.77211)

While walking along the tracks, Bob and Sasha find the second Maggie Message to Glenn, who later discovers it as well.  This is just around the corner from the scene where Abraham spent time clearing the road.


Sasha Splits From Bob, Finds Maggie (GPS: 33.37203, -84.80277)

Sasha decides to look for Maggie and leaves Bob to continue onward.  She heads to the large building on the right, which is the home of the Newnan Theater Company, and sees her sleeping in the parking lot.  This is off 1st Avenue and Long Place.


Tyreese and Mica Sleeping, Carol and Lizzie Talking (?)  (GPS: 33.295798, -84.542355)

While it’s mostly conjecture, I believe the scene of Tyreese and Mica sleeping while Carol and Lizzie talk was filmed on this abandoned rail line east of Senoia under the Georgia State Highway 74/85 bridge.  This is the same rail line that goes past the studio, which is only a mile to the east.


Walker Stuck on Tracks  (GPS: 33.29007, -84.52663)

On that same rail line where we’ve seen Tyresse, Carol, and the Girls walking, they all come across a walker stuck in the tracks–and then head off following some smoke…  As you can see they were right next to the studio.


A Nice Place to Stop and Look At the Flowers (GPS: 33.12227, -84.19777)

And now we come to THAT place.  Yes, this is the location of the area used for the majority of the filming of The Grove, located a bit north of the small town of Milner, off Green Wood Street and Old US 41.  This is private property, so it’s a good bet the people there won’t take kindly to folks showing up so they can look at the flowers.  Get a photo from the road and move on.


Trivia: In the graphic novel the kids are two boys, Ben and Billy, being watched over by Dale and Andrea, who are both still alive and on their way north to Washington.  Ben is the one Lizzy is modeled after and eventually is discovered by Andrea doing the same thing to his brother that Lizzy did to her sister.

However, this happened while the whole group is together, so Rick, Dale, Andrea, and the others have a huge discussion about what to do with Ben.  Since the discussion is going nowhere, Carl decides to help matters along, so he sneaks into the van where Ben is being kept and we have this cold-ass exchange:


This is followed by a BLAM!, ’cause Carl Grimes ain’t fucking around.

Naturally all kinds of shit goes down in the aftermath, but nothing happens to Carl.  Except the reality is Carl is rocked by what he did:


Keep in mind Carl is like 11 at this point in the graphic novel, so this kid is looking at a screwed up life–even more so than now.  And why did he do the deed?


Not an easy world, is it, Carl?

Glenn Finds Message on Terminus Sign (GPS: 33.24185, -84.27409)

Finally, Glenn finds one of Maggie’s messages.  If you’ll notice, this is right next to the same location used in Season 2 as the Public Works Building where Rick and Shane have their big fight next to the school buses.


Rick, Carl, and Michonne Walk Along the Tracks (GPS: 33.24185, -84.27409)
Joe’s Gang and Daryl Spot A Terminus Sign (GPS: 33.26505, -84.35764)

A few miles to the west of Griffin, off W Ellis Road, is the location on the tracks where Michonne and Carl are track walking for a candy bar while Rick wonders about what the fuck is going on.  A little while later in the same episode, Joe’s Gang–who now have Daryl with them–find a Terminus sign and the candy bar wrapper dropped by Carl.


Coal Tower/Falling Walker (GPS: 33.33997, -84.7165)

Not far from where the scenes of Abraham, Rosita, Eugene, Glenn, and Tara were seen walking, they come across a coal tower where they plan to get some rest.  However, a walker falls out and Tara fucks up her knee.


Daryl And Group Find An Auto Shop (GPS: 33.24786, -84.26715)

In downtown Griffin, just off W Bank Street, Joe, Daryl, and Gang find an auto body shop where shit is claimed and someone is kicked to death.


Glenn and Tara Enter A Tunnel (GPS: 33.29933, -84.55199)

Glenn and Tara eventually part ways with their Texas Saviors and enter a tunnel, where they run into a cave-in and a whole lot of zombies.  The exterior is same location at the Bridge Street overpass, which has been dressed to look like a tunnel.  The actual tunnel interior was filmed in what was left of the old prison set.


Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita Find A Minivan (GPS: 33.33971, -84.71699)

In the town of Raymond, on Raymond-Ray Street, a minivan is found.  And if you look, you’ll see they are right next to the coal tower where a falling zombie screwed up Tara’s knee.


Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita Look For Glenn and Encounter Maggie (GPS: 33.24174, -84.27442)

Once again over by that Season 2 Public Works Building and where Glenn found the first Terminus sign Eugene cons Rosita into driving to a location on the tracks where they would see Glenn if he’d made it out of the tunnel.  Instead, they find Maggie, Sasha, and Bob, and go back to rescue Glenn’s and Tara’s ass.


Rick Takes a Bite Out of Joe (GPS: 33.24174, -84.27442)

And for one last time this season we head to Crook Road, where Joe’s Gang finally catches up with Rick, Carl, and Michonne and decide they’re going to kill them.  Or rape them.  Or both.  They don’t know they’re dealing with Crazy Rick and he first kills Joe by biting his neck, then goes over and guts another dude while Michonne and Daryl finish the others.


Trivia: Michelle MacLaren, the director of A, the season-ending episode where Rick kills Joe, admitted–along with Scott M. Gimple and Angela Kang, who wrote the episode–that she story boarded the scene directly from the panels of the graphic novel.  Here are those panels and with a few exceptions–the main one being Abraham was there, and the language–it was almost identical to the TV version:

Andrew Lincoln admitted that it was an unpleasant scene to film, as his “bite gag” was a hunk of cold, bloody chicken that he had to pull away from the actor’s neck and spit out. He said the experience was made more unpleasant by filming at 3 AM on a cold morning.


Rick, Carl, and Michonne Run From Walkers (GPS: 33.35324, -84.7725)
Are We There Yet?/Gun Stash (GPS:  33.3552, -84.77425)

One last time over by E Murphy Street in Newnan, close to where Abraham cleared the road, we have Rick and Co running from zombies then, much later, getting off the tracks to stash their guns and check out their final destination, which is–


Terminus (GPS:  33.3552, -84.77425)

It’s the end of Season 4 and we’ve finally reached the end of the road on the south side of Atlanta.  Terminus was an old railroad repair center that is now used by a metal works, which means this place is private property and if you trespass looking for cannibals, you’ll probably get arrested.  The location isn’t far from I-75 and Turner Field, which is not even a half mile away.


Trivia: As we probably all know by now, the ending for Season 4 was quite similar to a situation that happened in the graphic novel and those of us who hoped like hell the show would end the same way as it did in the comic were wildly disappointed.  Why?  Because of what Rick was supposed to say.

In the graphic novel Rick left it pretty clear the folks were they were up against had made a huge mistake, as he tells Michonne and Abraham:

Of course, when the episode aired Rick said, “They’re screwing with the wrong people.” Which I know got a groan out of me, ’cause–really?  You couldn’t let one f-bomb fly, AMC? Scott Gimple and Andrew Lincoln were on Talking Dead immediately after A aired and defended the choice to change that one word, ’cause they felt it wouldn’t have helped the scene.

Except… they filmed the phrase as it was uttered by Rick in the graphic novel:


To end this way would have been incredible.  Instead, we end up getting a couple of instances of Daryl muttering f-bombs under his breath and we gotta wait until the Clark Family shows up on Fear the Walking Dead to get a couple of really good “Fuck You!”‘s thrown around.  (Though I have to admit some of the things the show has had Abraham say are pretty funny when you think about it.)

What can I say? I don’t write for The Walking Dead.  And it’s pretty good odds I never will.  🙂


Next time: We get out of Terminus and after a couple of detours we start heading north–



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