Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

jewelry, Vintage Silver Tone Metal Flower Design Scarf Holder 12 - 351



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Vintage holderSilver holderTone holderMetal holderFlower holderDesign holderScarf holderHolder. holderNo holdermaker holdermark. holderMeasures holderapp. holder1 holder1/2" holderdiameter. holderGood holdercondition. holderALL holderMY holderJEWELRY holderAND holderOTHER holderITEMS holderLOOKS holderBETTER holderIN holderPERSON holderTHAN holderMY holderPHOTOGRAPHS holderSHOW holderTHEM.IF holderYOU holderTHINK holderTHE holderSHIPPING holderPRICE holderIS holderTO holderHIGH holderPLEASE holderCONTACT holderME holderWITH holderYOUR holderZIPCODE holderOR holderTHE holderNAME holderOF holderYOUR holderCOUNTRY holderFOR holderAN holderEXACT holderQUOTE. holder holderIF holderYOU holderWANT holderTO holderPURCHASE holderYOUR holder holderITEM holderRIGHT holderAWAY holderI holderCAN holderALWAYS holderREIMBURSE holderANY holderOVER holderCHARGED holderSHIPPING holderBACK holderTO holderYOUR holderPAYPAL holderACCOUNT holderAFTER holderI holderMAIL holderYOUR holderPACKAGE. holder holderOR holderYOU holderCAN holderJUST holderDONATE holderTHE holderOVER holderCHARGE holderTO holderHELP holderTHE holderANIMALS holderHERE.I holderSELL holderMY holderVINTAGE holderITEMS holderTO holderHELP holderPAY holderTHE holderFEED holderAND holderVETERINARY holderBILLS holderON holderMY holderRESCUE holderANIMALS holderHERE holderAT holderHARDLY holderABLE holderSTABLE. holderI holderCURRENTLY holderHAVE holderTHREE holderOLD holderHORSES, holderTWO holderMINIATURE holderHORSES, holderTWO holderCOWS holderAND holderSEVEN holderDOGS. holderIF holderYOU holderWANT holderTO holderMAKE holderA holderCASH holderDONATION holderIT holderCAN holderBE holderSENT holderTHROUGH holder holderPAYPAY holderUSING holderMY holderEMAIL holderADDRESS holder---- holder holder [email protected] holder--- holder holderI holderALSO holderSELL holderON holderEBAY. holderMY holderSELLER holderNAME holderIS holderTHUNDERROWDY. holderYOU holderCAN holderSEE holderA holderSLIDE holderSHOW holderAND holderVIDEOS holderOF holderTHE holderCURRENT holderAND holderPAST holderANIMALS holderON holderMY holderAUCTION holderPAGES. holderTHERE holderARE holderALSO holderPICTURES holderON holderMY holder\u201cME\u201d holderPAGE.

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