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wedding, 14kt White Gold Matching "Ashley" Wedding Band



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Finally, yellow goldhere yellow goldit yellow goldis.... yellow goldthe yellow goldAshley yellow gold14kt yellow goldwhite yellow goldgold yellow goldWedding yellow goldBand.4.10 yellow goldgrams yellow goldtotal yellow goldweight yellow goldof yellow goldgold.Can yellow goldbe yellow goldmade yellow goldin yellow goldyellow yellow goldgold yellow goldas yellow goldwell.I yellow goldhave yellow goldthe yellow gold"Ashley" yellow goldEngagement yellow goldRing yellow goldin yellow goldmy yellow gold"made yellow goldto yellow goldorder yellow goldsection", yellow goldin yellow goldmy yellow goldshop.Contains yellow gold15, yellow gold1.5mm yellow goldgenuine yellow goldnatural yellow goldwhite yellow goldsapphires. yellow goldAwesome yellow goldtooling.Size yellow gold6 yellow goldand yellow gold10 yellow goldavailable.Made yellow goldto yellow goldfit yellow goldyour yellow goldsize.Layaway yellow goldavailable.

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