Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Gather Moss Pendantnecklace, Horizontal



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Gather fauxis fauxthe fauxsecond fauxin fauxmy fauxline fauxof faux\u2018Living fauxJewelry.\u2019A fauxlittle fauxclump fauxof fauxfaux fauxmoss fauxhas fauxbeen fauxplanted fauxinto fauxthis fauxpendant.Easy fauxto fauxcare fauxfor fauxas fauxthis fauxmoss fauxhas fauxno fauxneed fauxfor fauxsunlight fauxor fauxwater!Specifications:Price fauxis fauxfor fauxpendant fauxonly. fauxA faux16-inch fauxsterling fauxcable fauxchain fauxis fauxavailable fauxfor fauxan fauxadditional faux$5.00. fauxIf fauxyou fauxwould fauxlike fauxa fauxchain fauxincluded fauxwith fauxyour fauxpurchase, fauxplease fauxe-mail fauxme fauxprior fauxto fauxpayment fauxfor fauxan fauxadjusted fauxinvoice.A fauxhand-cut fauxpiece fauxof fauxfaux fauxmoss fauxmade fauxof fauxlatex fauxsprouts fauxbacked fauxwith fauxfoam fauxhas fauxbeen faux"planted" fauxinto fauxthe fauxbezel fauxsetting fauxof fauxthis fauxsterling fauxsilver fauxpendant. fauxRectangular fauxbezel fauxsetting fauxis faux28x7 fauxmm fauxand fauxsits fauxhorizontally. fauxColor fauxof fauxmoss fauxvaries fauxand fauxmay fauxappear fauxlighter fauxor fauxdarker fauxgreen fauxthan fauxpictured.Payment fauxOptions: fauxPaypal fauxor fauxMoney fauxOrderPlease fauxsee fauxmy fauxShop fauxPolicies fauxfor fauxmore fauxinformation fauxon fauxshipping, fauxpayment fauxand fauxexchanges. fauxhttp://www./shop_policy.php?user_id=15330Visit fauxmy fauxprofile fauxfor fauxmore fauxinformation fauxabout fauxmy fauxshop fauxlike fauxretail fauxlocations fauxto fauxfind fauxAdorn fauxJewelry. fauxhttp://www./profile.php?user_id=15330

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