Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

candy corn, Candy Corn Lampwork Glass Earrings



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Sterling yellowsilver yellowearrings yellowfeature yellowa yellowpair yellowof yellowyummy yellowlooking yellowcandy yellowcorns. yellowLampwork yellowglass yellowcandy yellowcorns yelloware yellowaccented yellowwith yellowyellow yellowand yelloworange yellowCzech yellowbeads yellowon yellowSterling yellowSilver yellowhypoallergenic yellowFrench yellowear yellowwires. yellowIncluded yelloware yellowthe yellowrubber yellowbacks yellowto yellowkeep yellowthem yellowon yellowyour yellowears. yellow\r\rCan yellowchange yellowto yellowsterling yellowsilver yellowposts yellowif yellowyou yellowprefer.\r\r11/2 yellowinches yellowlong yellowfrom yellowbottom yellowof yellowear yellowwire

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