Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Bridal Vine Braceletgift for bride, Unique One of a Kind Wedding Jewelry



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Bridal handmade braceletpearl handmade braceletand handmade braceletcrystal handmade braceletvine handmade braceletbracelet. handmade braceletUnique, handmade braceletone handmade braceletof handmade braceleta handmade braceletkind handmade braceletwedding handmade braceletjewelryMaterials: handmade braceletglass handmade braceletpearl handmade braceletbeads, handmade braceletcrystal, handmade braceletjewelry handmade braceletwire, handmade braceletlobster handmade braceletclasp handmade braceletwith handmade braceletextenderMeasurement: handmade bracelet handmade bracelet6.5 handmade bracelet- handmade bracelet7.5 handmade braceletinchesColor: handmade braceletwhite handmade braceletor handmade braceletlight handmade braceletivory

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