Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

purple, Chihuahua on Glass Necklace



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This puppynecklace puppyfeatures puppya puppylittle puppyChi puppyon puppya puppyfused puppyglass puppypendant. puppy puppyThe puppypendant puppyis puppykiln puppyformed puppyand puppyone puppyof puppymy puppyown puppydesigns puppyhas puppybeen puppypermanently puppykiln puppyfired puppyon puppyto puppythe puppyglass. puppy puppyA puppysmall puppypiece puppyof puppydichroic puppyglass puppywas puppyfused puppybetween puppywhite, puppylavender, puppyand puppyclear puppyglass, puppyadding puppyjust puppythe puppyright puppyamount puppyof puppysparkle. puppy puppy\r\rThis puppypendant puppymeasures puppyapproximately puppy1 puppy1\\8 puppyinches puppywide puppyby puppy1 puppy1\\/4 puppyinches puppyhigh. puppy puppyThis puppymeasurement puppydoes puppynot puppyinclude puppythe puppy3/8 puppyinch puppyplated puppysterling puppysilver puppybail. puppy puppyThe puppypendant puppyhangs puppyfrom puppyan puppy18 puppyinch, puppy2mm puppyblack puppysilicone puppy(latex puppyfree) puppycord puppynecklace. puppy(Ask puppyabout puppythe puppyavailability puppyof puppyleather puppycord puppyor puppycustom puppynecklace puppylengths.)\r\rMy puppyjewelry puppyis puppypresented puppyin puppya puppyzip puppytop puppybag, puppymounted puppyon puppya puppydisplay puppycard.\r\rShipping puppyis puppy$3.00 puppyfirst puppyclass puppymail puppywithin puppythe puppyUnited puppyStates. puppyI puppyhope puppyeveryone puppywill puppybe puppyhappy puppywith puppymy puppyhandcrafted puppyitems. puppyIf puppyyou puppyare puppydisappointed puppywith puppysomething puppypurchased puppyfrom puppyme, puppyyou puppyare puppywelcome puppyto puppycontact puppyme puppyor puppyreturn puppyit puppywithin puppy2 puppyweeks, puppyand puppyI puppywill puppyrefund puppyall puppymonies puppyEXCLUDING puppythe puppycost puppyof puppyshipping.

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