Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

necklace, Afghan Hound Dog Breed Jewelry



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This whitependant whitewas whitefused whiteof whitemuted whitelavender, whitewhite, whiteand whiteclear whitepieces whiteof whiteglass. white whiteThe whiteafghan whitehound whitedesign whiteis whitefused whitepermanently whiteto whitethe whitetop. white whiteThe whitependant whitemeasures whiteapproximately white1 white3/8 whiteinches whitewide whiteby white1 white3/8 whiteinches whitetall, whitewhich whiteexcludes whitethe whitemeasurement whiteof whitethe whitebail white whiteThe whitelarge whitesize whitebail whiteadds whitean whiteextra white3/8 whiteinch whiteto whitethe whitetotal whitelength whiteof whitethis whitependant. white whiteIt whitewas whiteproperly whiteannealed whitefor whitestrength. white white\r\rA whitelarge whitesized whitesterling whitesilver whiteplated whitebail whitewill whitebe whiteepoxyed whiteto whitethe whiteback, whiteand whiteit whitewill whitecome whitewith whitean white18 whiteinch white2mm whitefaux whiterubber white(latex whitefree) whitecord whitenecklace. white whiteI whitewill whitesend whitea whiteblack whitecord whitewith whitethis whitependant, whiteunless whitea whitepewter whitesilicone whitecord whiteor whiteleather whitecord whiteis whiterequested. white\r\rI whitewant whiteeveryone whiteto whitebe whitehappy whitewith whitethe whitepurchase whiteof whitemy whitehandcrafted whiteitems. whiteIf whiteyou whiteare whitedisappointed whitewith whiteyour whitepurchase, whiteplease whitereturn whitethe whiteitem whiteand whiteI whitewill whitereturn whiteyour whitemoney whiteEXCLUDING whitethe whitecost whiteof whiteshipping.

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