Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Full Moon Rising Necklace (camelmacrame, turquoise)



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Hand brassformed brassbrass brasshoop brassnecklace brasswith brassmacrame brassand brassbeads brasswith brassnatural brassstring brassfibers brassand brassa brassbit brassof brassbrass brassbling brass- brassperfect brassfor brassgetting brassdressed brassup brassor brassa brasscasual brassday!\rNickel brassand brasslead brassfree brassantique brassbrass brasschain.\rpendant brass- brass2 brass1/2" brasslength, brass2" brasswide\rchain brass- brass16" brasswith brass4" brassextender, brasstrigger brassclasp brassclosure\r\rAvailable brassin brassmany brassdifferent brasscolors. brass brassEmail brassAMiRA brassjewelry brassfor brassa brassmore brasspersonalized brasscolor brasspalette!\r\rAlso brassavailable brassin brassSterling brassSilver brassand brassGold brassFilled brassfor brassadditional brasscost.

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