Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

classic, Silver Crown Antique Key Necklace



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This metalnecklace metalfeatures metala metalplated metalsilver metalkey metalnecklace metalas metalthe metalpendant. metal metalThe metalnecklace metalmeasures metal17 metalinches, metal metalmade metalwith metala metalcurb metalchain, metaland metalcloses metalwith metala metallobster metalclaw metalclasp. metal metal metalThis metalnecklace metalwill metalcome metalin metala metalbeautiful metalkeepsake metalbox. metal metal\r\rI metalwill metalship metalout metalfirst metalclass metalinsured metalat metalno metalextra metalcost. metal metalPlease metallet metalme metalknow metalif metalyou metalhave metalany metalquestions.

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