Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

deer, Circle Fawn Charm Necklace with Bright White Finish - Doe in a Circle



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This doe necklacelovely doe necklacelittle doe necklacefawn doe necklacefrom doe necklacethe doe necklaceforest doe necklacenecklace doe necklacefeatures doe necklacethe doe necklaceclassic doe necklaceFigs doe necklaceand doe necklaceGinger doe necklaceDoe doe necklaceyou doe necklacecan doe necklacesee doe necklacescattered doe necklacethrough doe necklaceour doe necklacecollection. doe necklaceFriends doe necklacewill doe necklacefawn doe necklaceover doe necklaceit, doe necklaceand doe necklacepassersby doe necklacewill doe necklacesmile doe necklaceas doe necklacethey doe necklacepass.This doe necklacelisting doe necklaceis doe necklacefor doe necklaceour doe necklaceFawn doe necklaceCharm doe necklaceNecklace doe necklaceonly. doe necklaceIf doe necklaceyou doe necklacewould doe necklacelike doe necklaceto doe necklacecustomize doe necklaceyour doe necklacefawn doe necklacenecklace doe necklacewith doe necklacea doe necklacepersonalized doe necklacegolden doe necklaceinitial, doe necklaceplease doe necklacepurchase doe necklacea doe necklace14 doe necklacekarat doe necklaceyellow doe necklacegold doe necklaceinitial doe necklacehere: doe necklacehttps://www./listing/204450221/14k-yellow-gold-custom-initial-charm-add?ref=shop_home_active_1Great doe necklacefor doe necklacethose doe necklacelil' doe necklacetreats doe necklaceto doe necklaceyourself, doe necklaceor doe necklacefor doe necklaceHolidays, doe necklaceBirthdays, doe necklaceBridal doe necklaceParty, doe necklaceGirlfriends, doe necklaceSisters, doe necklaceMom, doe necklaceBff's, doe necklaceBridesmaids, doe necklaceetc...Thanks doe necklacefor doe necklacelooking!{{ doe necklaceWe've doe necklacebeen doe necklacetold doe necklacethat doe necklaceDads doe necklacewill doe necklacebuy doe necklaceMom doe necklaceour doe necklaceMother's doe necklaceFawn doe necklaceNecklace, doe necklaceand doe necklaceour doe necklaceCircle doe necklaceFawn doe necklaceNeckalaces doe necklacefor doe necklacethe doe necklacedaughters doe necklacein doe necklacethe doe necklacenest, doe necklaceSo doe necklaceCUTE! doe necklaceNice doe necklaceone, doe necklaceDads. doe necklace}}********************************************************Listing doe necklacefor: doe necklaceBRIGHT doe necklaceWHITE doe necklaceCIRCLE doe necklaceFAWN doe necklaceNECKLACE doe necklaceON doe necklace18" doe necklaceSILVER doe necklacePLATED doe necklaceCHAIN**Packaged doe necklaceready doe necklacefor doe necklacegifting doe necklaceas doe necklaceshown doe necklacein doe necklacephotos, doe necklacehandmade doe necklaceand doe necklacewill doe necklacevary doe necklaceslightly.All doe necklaceCircle doe necklaceCharms doe necklaceare doe necklace.925 doe necklacehigh doe necklacequality doe necklaceSterling doe necklaceSilver doe necklace.5"X.7"Silver doe necklacePlated doe necklaceCable doe necklaceChain doe necklaceis doe necklace18" doe necklacewith doe necklaceSpring doe necklaceRing doe necklaceClasp{Sterling doe necklace18" doe necklaceChains doe necklaceavailable doe necklacefor doe necklacean doe necklaceadditional doe necklace$18. doe necklacePlease doe necklaceConvo doe necklaceus doe necklaceif doe necklaceinterested}* doe necklaceHappily doe necklacehandmade doe necklacein doe necklaceWestern doe necklaceNorth doe necklaceCarolina doe necklaceor doe necklaceRhode doe necklaceIsland

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