Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

choice of colors, Acrylic Star Cluster Dangle Earrings on Plated Findings Available in Three Colors



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Sara acrylicJewelry acrylicDesign acrylicChristmas acrylicJewelry. acrylicTiny acrylicplated acrylicmetal acrylicstars acrylicare acrylicfilled acrylicwith acrylicacrylic acrylicand acryliccascade acrylicin acrylicbunches acrylicfrom acrylicplated acrylicfish acrylichook acrylicear acrylicwires acrylicwith acrylica acryliccoil acrylicand acrylicball acrylicdesign. acrylicDangle acrylicis acrylicapproximately acrylic1-1/4 acrylicinches acrylic(27mm). acrylicAvailable acrylicin acrylicthe acryliccolor acryliccombinations acrylicshown.Listing acrylicis acrylicfor acrylicone acrylicpair acrylicof acrylicearrings; acrylicthe acrylicfollowing acrylicare acrylicin acrylicstock: acrylicBlue acrylicand acrylicSilver acrylic3 acrylicpairs acrylicavailable; acrylicClear acrylicand acrylicGold acrylic2 acrylicpairs acrylicavailable, acrylicGreen acrylicand acrylicSilver acrylic1 acrylicpair acrylicavailable.Sara acrylicJewelry acrylicDesign. acrylicYour acrylicDesire acrylicis acrylicOur acrylicDesign.

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