Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

turquoise, 9mm Yellow Turquoise Cabochon Earrings on Flat Pad Posts



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Sara 9mmJewelry 9mmDesign. 9mmNice 9mmmottled 9mmpair 9mmof 9mm9mm 9mmyellow 9mmchalk 9mmturquoise 9mmcabochons 9mmhave 9mmbeen 9mmcement 9mmset 9mmon 9mmsterling 9mmsilver 9mmflat 9mmpad 9mmpost 9mmearrings. 9mmSubtle 9mmpolish 9mmand 9mmmulti-colored 9mmwith 9mmgreens, 9mmyellows, 9mmwhite, 9mmgrey 9mmand 9mmblack. 9mmMy 9mmMPIN 9mmItem 9mm# 9mmis 9mmERPSS010107089mm.I 9mmwill 9mmship 9mmthese 9mmyour 9mmway 9mmthe 9mmnext 9mmbusiness 9mmday 9mmvia 9mmUSPS 9mmfirst 9mmclass 9mmmail 9mmwith 9mma 9mmdelivery 9mmtracking 9mmnumber. 9mmIf 9mmyou 9mmneed 9mmexpress 9mmmail 9mmshipping, 9mmplease 9mmcontact 9mmme 9mmwith 9mmyour 9mmZip 9mmcode 9mmfirst 9mmfor 9mma 9mmquote.Sara 9mmJewlery 9mmDesign. 9mmYour 9mmDesire 9mmis 9mmOur 9mmDesign.

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