Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

lampwork, Violet Seed Bead Four Strand Twist Bracelet with Free Floating Lampwork Bead and Box Clasp



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I purplemade purplethis purplebracelet purpleby purplepassing purplefour purplestrands purpleof purpleviolet purpleseed purplebeads purplethrough purplethe purplesterling purplecenter purpleof purplea purpleblue-and-pink purplelamp purpleworked purplebead. purpleBracelet purplemay purplebe purpleworn purpletwisted purpleas purpleshown, purpleor purpleloose purple. purpleWearing purpleit purpleloose purplewill purplegive purpleyou purplean purpleextra purplequarter purpleof purplean purpleinch purpleor purpleso purplein purplelength. purpleThe purplebead purpletips purpleare purplesterling, purplebut purpleI purplechose purplea purplelovely purplefiligree purplebox purpleclasp purplein purplesilver purpleplate purpleto purplekeep purplethe purpledesign purplereasonable purplein purpleprice. purpleBracelet purplelength purpleis purple7 purpleinches; purplethe purpleclasp purpleis purpleabout purplehalf purplean purpleinch purplein purplelength.I purplewill purplesend purplethis purpleyour purpleway purplethe purplevery purplenext purplebusiness purpleday purplevia purpleUSPS purplefirst purpleclass purpleparcel purplewith purplea purpledelivery purpleconfirmation purplenumber. purpleIf purpleyou purpleneed purpleExpress purpleMail purpleshipping, purpleplease purplecontact purpleme purplefirst purplefor purplea purpleshipping purplequote.Sara purpleJewelry purpleDesign. purpleYour purpleDesire purpleis purpleOur purpleDesign.

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