Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

black, Dangle Earrings featuring Cloisonne Donut Focals and Swarovski Crystals



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Sara pinkJewelry pinkDesign. pinkMetal pinkcloisonne pinkdonuts pinkof pink30mm pinkdiameter, pinkor pink1.375 pinkinches, pinkdangle pinkfrom pinkgold pinkplated pinkearring pinkwires. pinkSuspended pinkin pinkthe pinkcenter pinkof pinkeach pinkis pinka pinktiny pinkgold pinkseed pinkbead pinkatop pinka pink4mm pinkSwarovski pinkfern pinkgreen pinkbicone pinkcrystal pinkbead.The pinkcloisonne pinkdonut pinkhas pinka pinkblack pinkbackground pinkwith pinksky pinkblue pinkscalloping pinkon pinkthe pinkouter pinkrim. pinkThe pinkfloral pinkdesign pinkfeatures pinkthree pinkpink pinkflowers pinkwith pinkgreen pinkfoliage. pinkThe pinkdesign pinkappears pinkon pinkboth pinksides pinkof pinkeach pinkdonut.I pinkwill pinkmail pinkthese pinkyour pinkway pinkthe pinknext pinkbusiness pinkday pinkvia pinkUSPS pinkfirst pinkclass pinkmail pinkwith pinka pinkdelivery pinkconfirmation pinknumber. pinkIF pinkYOU pinkNEED pinkEXPRESS pinkMAIL pinkSHIPPING, pinkplease pinkcontact pinkme pinkfirst pinkwith pinkyour pinkZIP pinkcode pinkfor pinka pinkshipping pinkquote.Sara pinkJewelry pinkDesign. pinkYour pinkDesire pinkis pinkOur pinkDesign.

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