Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

bold, Red Foiled Glass Lampwork Round 3-Station Necklace on 18 inch Gold Plated Chain



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Sara redJewelry redDesign. redI redhave redmade redthree red12mm redgold redfoiled redred redlampworked redglass redrounds redthe redfocus redof redattention redin redthis red18 redinch redgold redplated redchain rednecklace. redLight redand redlively redlook. redSpring redring redclasp. redMy redMPIN redItem red#NW110807-06.I redwill redship redthis redyour redway redthe rednext redbusiness redday redvia redUSPS redfirst redclass redmail redwith reda redtracking redID rednumber. redIF redYOU redNEED redEXPRESS redMAIL redDELIVERY, redplease redcontact redme redfirst redfor reda redshipping redquote.Sara redJewelry redDesign. redYour redDesire redis redOur redDesign.

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