Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

swing, Blue Foiled Glass Oval Beads on Gold-plated Dangle Earrings



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Sara dangleJewelry dangleDesign. dangle20mm danglesapphire-blue dangleglass dangleovals dangleare danglefoiled danglewith danglea dangleswirl dangledesign dangleand danglesuspended danglefrom danglegold-plated dangleFrench danglewires. dangleDangle dangleis dangleapproximately dangle1.5 dangleinches dangleor dangle37mm.I danglewill dangleship danglethese dangleto dangleyou danglethe danglenext danglebusiness dangleday danglevia dangleUSPS danglefirst dangleclass danglemail danglewith danglea dangledelivery dangleconfirmation danglenumber. dangleIF dangleYOU dangleNEED dangleEXPRESS dangleMAIL dangleSHIPPING, dangleplease danglecontact dangleme danglefirst danglewith dangleyour dangleZIP danglecode danglefor danglea dangleshipping danglequote. dangleSara dangleJewelry dangleDesign. dangleYour dangleDesire dangleis dangleOur dangleDesign.

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