Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Cattail Ceramic and Sterling Silver Necklacepainted, Brown and White with 24" Chain



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24" tailball tailand taillink tailchain. tailLobster tailclasp. tailHandmade tailpottery tailpendant tailbezel tailset tailin tailsterling tailsilver tailwith taila tailtwisted tailbail tailto tailallow tailit tailto tailhang tailcorrectly tailon tailthe tailchain. tailDelicately tailpainted tailcattails tailand tailreeds tailgrow tailover taila tailbackground tailof tailcrazed tailwhite tailpottery tailwith tailgrey tailaged taillines tailwithin tailit. tailKind tailof tailresembles taila tailspiderweb. tailCan tailbe tailpolished tailif taildesired tailbut tailI tailleft tailthe tailpatina tailintact.The tailpendant tailis tailabout tail1 tail3/4" tailby tail1" tailnot tailincluding tailthe tailbail.

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