Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

celtic, CELTIC 1950's Mid Century MODERN Vintage Genuine COPPER Art Deco Pin & Earring Set



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This 1940sunusually 1940selegant 1940scopper 1940sbrooch 1940sand 1940smatching 1940searrings 1940sare 1940sa 1940sstylized 1940sCeltic 1940sdesign 1940scomprised 1940sof 1940sswirled 1940sand 1940sabstract 1940scopper 1940sbordered 1940sby 1940stwisted, 1940sflattened, 1940sthick 1940scopper 1940scircles. 1940sCopper 1940sjewelry 1940swas 1940svery 1940spopular 1940sespecially 1940sin 1940sthe 1940s1950\u2019s-1960\u2019s, 1940sand 1940sthis 1940sset 1940sis 1940scirca 1940s1950\u2019s. 1940sThe 1940sbrooch 1940smeasures 1940s2-1/4\u201d 1940sdiameter 1940sand 1940sthe 1940searrings 1940sare 1940sabout 1940s1\u201d 1940sdiameter. 1940sThese 1940sare 1940sin 1940sexcellent 1940svintage 1940scondition. 1940sIt 1940sis 1940snot 1940ssigned 1940son 1940sthe 1940sback 1940sto 1940sindicate 1940sits 1940sdesigner. 1940sThe 1940searring 1940sbacks 1940sshow 1940swear 1940sbut 1940sthe 1940sbrooch 1940sdoes 1940snot. 1940sA 1940sgorgeous 1940slook!Like 1940sthis 1940sitem 1940sand 1940slooking 1940sfor 1940smore 1940slike 1940sit? 1940sAre 1940syou 1940sa 1940sdealer 1940sand 1940swant 1940sto 1940sbuy 1940sin 1940squantity? 1940sCheck 1940sout 1940sour 1940snew 1940sstore 1940son 1940setsy 1940sfor 1940swholesale 1940svintage 1940spurchasing:http://www./shop/truevintagewholesale

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