Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

swarovski crystals, Orange and Blue Blown Glass Hollow Rondelle Bead Dangle Earrings Choice of Finish



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Sara pin stripedJewelry pin stripedDesign. pin stripedThese pin stripedwhisper-light pin stripedblown pin stripedglass pin striped10x15mm pin stripedhollow pin stripedbeads pin stripedfeature pin stripeda pin stripedclear pin stripedbody pin stripedswirled pin stripedwith pin stripedorange pin stripedand pin stripedblue pin stripedpin pin stripedstripes. pin stripedTo pin stripedaccentuate pin stripedthe pin stripedstriping, pin stripedI pin stripedselected pin stripedbold pin striped4mm pin stripedSwarovski pin stripedHyacinth pin stripedcrystal pin stripedbicone pin stripedbeads, pin stripedas pin stripedwell pin stripedas pin stripedplated pin stripedbead pin stripedcaps pin stripedand pin stripedball-and-coil pin stripedear pin stripedwires. pin stripedThe pin stripeddangle pin stripedis pin stripedapproximately pin striped1-1/8s pin stripedinches, pin stripedor pin striped28mm. pin stripedListing pin stripedis pin stripedfor pin stripedone pin stripedpair; pin stripedI pin stripedhave pin stripedtwo pin stripedpairs pin stripedavailable, pin stripedone pin stripedin pin stripedgold pin stripedplated pin stripedfindings pin stripedand pin stripedone pin stripedin pin stripedsilver pin stripedplated. pin stripedChoose pin stripedyour pin stripedfavorite pin stripedfrom pin stripedthe pin stripedFinish pin stripedmenu.I pin stripedwill pin stripedship pin stripeda pin stripedpair pin stripedyour pin stripedway pin stripedthe pin stripednext pin stripedbusiness pin stripedday pin stripedvia pin stripedUSPS pin stripedfirst pin stripedclass pin stripedparcel pin stripedwith pin stripeda pin stripedtracking pin stripedID pin stripednumber. pin stripedIF pin stripedYOU pin stripedNEED pin stripedEXPRESS pin stripedMAIL pin stripedDELIVERY, pin stripedplease pin stripedcontact pin stripedme pin stripedfirst pin stripedfor pin stripeda pin stripedshipping pin stripedquote.Sara pin stripedJewelry pin stripedDesign. pin stripedYour pin stripedDesire pin stripedis pin stripedOur pin stripedDesign.My pin stripedMPN# pin stripedERWGP pin striped081813-03.680 pin stripedandMy pin stripedMPN# pin stripedERWSP pin striped081813-04.680

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