Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

mexican silver pin, 40's/50's Mexican AZTEC ENAMEL Sterling SILVER Pin or Pendant



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From sterling enamelthe sterling enamel1950's, sterling enamelthis sterling enamelMexican sterling enamelsilver sterling enamelpiece sterling enamelfeatures sterling enamelan sterling enamelAztec sterling enamelIndian sterling enameland sterling enamelroyal sterling enamelblue sterling enamelenameling. sterling enamelThe sterling enameldesign sterling enamelis sterling enameletched sterling enamelinto sterling enamelthe sterling enamelsilver sterling enameland sterling enamelthe sterling enamelenamel sterling enamelis sterling enamelfilled sterling enamelin sterling enamelaround sterling enamelit. sterling enamelIt sterling enamelis sterling enameleither sterling enamela sterling enamelpin sterling enamelor sterling enamelcan sterling enamelbe sterling enamelworn sterling enamelon sterling enamela sterling enamelchain sterling enamelas sterling enamela sterling enamelpendant. sterling enamelThe sterling enamelback sterling enamelis sterling enamelfaintly sterling enamelmarked sterling enamel"Sterling" sterling enamelbut sterling enamelthe sterling enamelword sterling enamelMexico sterling enamelis sterling enamelclear. sterling enamelMeasures sterling enamel1 sterling enamel7/8" sterling enamelacross sterling enamelx sterling enamel2 sterling enamel1/2" sterling enamelin sterling enamelheight.Like sterling enamelthis sterling enamelitem sterling enameland sterling enamellooking sterling enamelfor sterling enamelmore sterling enamellike sterling enamelit? sterling enamelCheck sterling enamelout sterling enamelour sterling enamelpages sterling enameland sterling enamelpages sterling enamelof sterling enamelvintage sterling enamelhere sterling enamelon sterling enamelIncogneeto!

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