Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sarah cov brooch, Large Vintage 1960's Sarah COVENTRY Pink & Green GLASS Gold FILIGREE Brooch Pin



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A pearl broochvery pearl broochattractive pearl brooch1960's pearl broochbrooch pearl broochsparkling pearl broochwith pearl broochpearl, pearl broochopaque pearl broochpink pearl broochand pearl broochgreen pearl broochglass pearl broochstones pearl broochsurrounded pearl broochby pearl broochgoldtone pearl brooch"branch" pearl broochfiligree. pearl broochThis pearl broochpin pearl broochis pearl broochlarger pearl broochin pearl broochsize pearl broochmeasuring pearl brooch2 pearl brooch3/4" pearl broochin pearl broochdiameter. pearl broochSigned pearl broochon pearl broochthe pearl broochback pearl brooch"co. pearl broochSarah pearl broochCov." pearl broochThe pearl broochtop pearl broochof pearl broochthe pearl broochcenter pearl broochpearl pearl broochhas pearl broocha pearl broochworn pearl broochspot.

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