Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

meditation, Handmade Rudraksha Mala Prayer Beads Necklace Rosary Hindu Buddhist Yoga Mantra Ritual Item



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A beadsMala beadsis beadsa beadsset beadsof beadsbeads beadscommonly beadsused beadsby beadsHindus beadsand beadsBuddhists.\r\rThis beads beads54 beads beadsbead beadsMala beadswas beadshandmade beadsin beadsIndia beadsout beadsof beadsRudraksha beadsseeds, beadsalso beadsknown beadsas beads"Tears beadsof beadsShiva." beads beads\r\r beadsIndividual beadsbead beadsdiameter beadsis beadsapproximately beads10mm beads. beads beads\r\rMalas beadsare beadsused beadsfor beadskeeping beadscount beadswhile beadsreciting, beadschanting, beadsor beadsmentally beadsrepeating beadsa beadsmantra beadsor beadsthe beadsname beadsor beadsnames beadsof beadsa beadsdeity. beadsThis beadspractice beadsis beadsknown beadsin beadsSanskrit beadsas beadsjapa. beads beads\r\rE-mail beadsfor beadsInternational beadsShipping beadsquotes beadsor beadsany beadsother beadsquestions. beads beadsThanks beadsfor beadslooking

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