Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

designer jewelry, Vintage ART 1960's UNUSUAL Silver tone and Rhinestone Link Bracelet



In stock



Made art jewelryin art jewelrythe art jewelry1960's, art jewelrythis art jewelryvintage art jewelrybracelet art jewelryhas art jewelryterrific art jewelryArt art jewelryDeco art jewelrylines art jewelrythat art jewelryare art jewelryaccented art jewelrywith art jewelryrhinestones. art jewelryThe art jewelrysilver art jewelrymetal art jewelryhas art jewelrya art jewelryrhodium art jewelryfinish art jewelryfor art jewelrythat art jewelrynever art jewelrytarnished art jewelrylook. art jewelryEach art jewelrybrushed art jewelrysilver art jewelrylink art jewelryhas art jewelrydeco art jewelrytriangles art jewelryin art jewelrybetween. art jewelryMade art jewelryby art jewelry"Art" art jewelryand art jewelrysigned art jewelryin art jewelry2 art jewelryplaces art jewelryon art jewelrythe art jewelryback. art jewelryA art jewelryfold art jewelryover art jewelryclasp art jewelryis art jewelrysecure. art jewelryThere art jewelryis art jewelryyellowing art jewelryof art jewelrythe art jewelryrhinestones. art jewelryIt art jewelrymeasures art jewelry7 art jewelry1/4" art jewelrylong" art jewelryx art jewelry1 art jewelry1/4\u201d art jewelrywide. art jewelryJust art jewelrygorgeous!

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