Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

charm, Fox Tiger Necklace Yin Yang



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A redperfect redgift redfor redyourself redor redthe redanimal redlover redin redyour redlife!This redadorable redfox redand redtiger redcome redtogether redaround reda redmarble redof redthe redcolor redof redyour redchoosing. redThey redare redhand redsculpted redfrom redpolymer redclay, redpainted redwith redacrylic redpaints redand redmetallic redrub, redthen redfinished redwith reda redsealant. redFrom redend redto redend redthe redpendant redmeasures redapprox. red1.25 redinches. redIf redyou redwould redlike redANY redvariety redof redthis rednecklace, redincluding reddifferent redanimal redspecies, reddo rednot redhesitate redto redask redfor reda redcustom redorder.**NOTE** redYour redorder redis redmade redto redorder redand redis redunique, redso redit redwill redvary redslightly redfrom redthe redexample redshown redin redthe redpictures. redI reddo redmy redbest redto redrecreate redmy redpieces redexactly, redbut redplease redallow redfor reda redslight redvariation reddue redto redthe redhand-sculpting redprocess. redI redwill redusually redhave redyour reditem redmade redand redin redthe redmail redwithin red2 redweeks, redif redyou redneed redit redsooner redlet redme redknow. redIf redyou redwould redlike reda redpicture redof redyour redpiece redbefore redfinal redpayment redI redcan redsend redyou redone, redjust redsend redme reda redmessage.

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