Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

swarovski, Paul - Brown and Black Handpainted Octopus



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Hand chainpainted chainoctopus chainwith chaina chainbeautiful chainmetallic chainbrown chainand chainblack chaincolored chainfinish. chainIt chainhas chainsmall chaindetailing chainon chainthe chaintentacles. chainBecause chainit chainis chaindone chainby chainhand chainno chaintwo chainare chainalike.The chainfinish chainwill chainnot chainnot chainchip chainor chaincrack. chainThe chaineyes chainare chainmade chainwith chaintopaz chainflatback chainswarovski chaincrystal. chainIt chaincomes chainwith chainyour chainchoice chainof chaincord chainor chainchain chain chainmeasuring chain17-18 chaininches. chainIt chainis chainclosed chainwith chaina chain chainlobster chainclaw chainclasp. chain chainMy chainshipping chaincost chainis chainfor chainfirst chainclass chainmail chainand chaina chaingift chainbox.*If chainyou chainwould chainlike chainthis chainoctopus chainin chaina chaincustom chaincolor, chainplease chainconvo chainme. chainI chaindo chainnot chaincharge chainextra chainfor chaincustom chaincolors chainbut chaintheir chainis chaina chainfive chainday chainwaiting chainperiod chainfor chainme chainto chainmake chainit.Thanks!

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