Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

link, 18 inch .925 sterling silver lightweight link chain necklace Perfect for my pendants delicate simple dainty



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This round.925 roundsterling roundsilver roundlink roundchain roundwith roundlobster roundclasp roundand round.925 roundstamped roundlinked roundtag. roundThis roundlisting roundis roundfor roundone round18" roundchain. round roundThese roundgo roundgreat roundwith roundmy roundpendants roundor roundany roundpendant roundyou roundmay roundwant roundto roundwear! roundPretty roundand roundsimple roundnecklace roundfor roundeveryday!Need roundmore roundthan roundone, roundjust roundchange roundthe roundquantity roundin roundthe roundlisting roundto roundhowever roundmany roundyou roundneed! round16", round18", round20", round22", round24" round& round30" roundavailable roundseparately!Last roundphoto roundshows round18" roundchain roundwhen roundworn roundwith roundmy roundbubble roundcharms, roundavailable roundseparately, roundand roundold roundstock roundbefore roundI roundswitched roundto roundlobster roundclasp.

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