Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

silver, Light blue chalcedony briolette charm on sterling silver twisted ring



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GUARANTEED 925HANDMADE: 925All 925my 925jewelry 925is 925designed 925and 925created 925by 925my 925hands.Gorgeous 925Carolina 925sky 925blue 925pentagonal 925briolette 925with 925tiny 925daisy 925accent 925on 925twisted 925sterling 925silver 925ring. 925This 925is 925a 925true 925beauty 925- 925perfect 925accent 925for 925any 925necklace 925or 925charm 925bracelet! 925Charms 925with 925this 925type 925of 925ring 925work 925best 925as 925a 925slide-on 925piece 925for 925a 925necklace; 925I 925can 925make 925this 925charm 925with 925a 925spring 925ring 925clasp 925for 925a 925charm 925bracelet, 925if 925preferred.Chalcedony 925is 925a 925type 925of 925quartz 925that 925comes 925in 925many 925colors. 925It 925is 925said 925to 925gently 925relieve 925depression 925and 925improve 925one's 925frame 925of 925mind. 925It 925is 925used 925to 925lessen 925hostility 925and 925bring 925emotional 925stability.Please 925convo 925me 925with 925any 925questions.

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