Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Adrienne Charm: Smooth black onyx coin bead on 14k gold-filled ringjewelry, can be used as a charmjewelry, pendant or dangle



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GUARANTEED roundHANDMADE: roundAll roundmy roundjewelry roundis rounddesigned roundand roundcreated roundby roundmy roundhands.Adrienne roundCharm:Smooth roundand roundshiny roundblack roundonyx roundcoin roundcharm roundon round14k roundgold-filled roundring roundmakes rounda roundwonderful roundaddition roundto roundany roundcharm roundbracelet roundor roundnecklace. roundBlack roundonyx roundlooks roundgreat roundwith roundfreshwater roundpearls, roundgold roundor roundsilver, roundrose roundquartz roundand roundgarnet...just roundto roundname rounda roundfew!Onyx roundassists roundwith roundchallenges roundin roundlife, roundespecially roundthose roundcaused roundby rounda rounddrain roundof roundenergy. roundIt roundprevents roundthe rounddraining roundaway roundof roundpersonal roundenergy roundand roundcan roundbe roundused roundfor roundprotection roundfrom roundsuch. roundIt roundalso roundhelps roundwith roundgrounding roundand roundcontrolling roundor roundeliminating roundexcess roundor roundunwanted roundenergies. roundIt roundhas roundbeen roundused roundfor roundwound roundhealing, roundchildbirth roundand roundto roundincrease roundstamina roundand roundself-control.The roundname roundAdrienne roundis roundof roundFrench roundorigin roundand roundmeans rounddark roundor roundrich. roundPlease roundconvo roundme roundwith roundany roundquestions.

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