Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

mermaid, Vintage MERMAID lightweight resin circle charm bracelet 7.5 inch folklore nautical ocean lover beach lady gift blue



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For bluethe bluegirls bluewho bluebelieve bluein bluemermaids! blueEach blueof bluethe blue1" bluecircle bluecharms bluefeatures bluea bluedifferent bluevintage bluenautical bluemermaid blueimage. blueThe blueimages blueare bluesealed blueunder bluea blueclear blueglassy bluedomed blueresin, blueand blueare bluedurable, bluelightweight blueand bluewaterproof. blueThe bluecharms blueare bluelinked bluewith bluesilver blueplated bluejumprings, blueand bluefinished blueoff bluewith bluea bluelobster blueclaw blueclasp. blueI bluehave bluemany bluemore bluedesigns bluein bluethis bluebracelet bluestyle...also blueavailable bluewith bluesquare bluecharms, blueand bluewith bluecustom bluephotos. blueLength blueis blueapprox. blue7.5"...I bluecan blueadd blueextra blueloops blueto blueextend bluethe bluelength blueif blueneeded.Need bluea bluelarger bluequantity, bluejust bluelet blueme blueknow!

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