Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

art deco necklace, Vintage Bakelite or Catalin Necklace with Beads Art Deco or Tribal Design



In stock



This catalin jewelryis catalin jewelrya catalin jewelryVintage catalin jewelryBakelite catalin jewelryor catalin jewelryCatalin catalin jewelryNecklace catalin jewelrywith catalin jewelryBeads catalin jewelryArt catalin jewelryDeco catalin jewelryor catalin jewelryTribal catalin jewelryDesign. catalin jewelryApprox. catalin jewelry17 catalin jewelryinches catalin jewelryaround. catalin jewelryIt catalin jewelryhas catalin jewelrya catalin jewelryscrew catalin jewelrytogether catalin jewelryclasp, catalin jewelrysmall catalin jewelrysilver catalin jewelrycolor catalin jewelrybeads catalin jewelrybetween catalin jewelrythe catalin jewelryivory catalin jewelrycolored catalin jewelrybeads. catalin jewelryI catalin jewelrycould catalin jewelrynot catalin jewelryget catalin jewelrya catalin jewelrymagnet catalin jewelryto catalin jewelrystick catalin jewelryto catalin jewelrythe catalin jewelryclasp catalin jewelryor catalin jewelrysilver catalin jewelrycolored catalin jewelrybeads. catalin jewelryIf catalin jewelryyou catalin jewelryhave catalin jewelryany catalin jewelrymore catalin jewelryquestions catalin jewelryplease catalin jewelryask catalin jewelrybefore catalin jewelryyou catalin jewelrypurchase. catalin jewelryI catalin jewelryship catalin jewelryto catalin jewelrythe catalin jewelryUSA. catalin jewelryNo catalin jewelryInternational. catalin jewelryI catalin jewelryalso catalin jewelryinsure catalin jewelryall catalin jewelryof catalin jewelrymy catalin jewelrypackages catalin jewelryto catalin jewelrythe catalin jewelryUSA catalin jewelryto catalin jewelrymake catalin jewelrysure catalin jewelrythat catalin jewelrythey catalin jewelryarrive catalin jewelryto catalin jewelryyou catalin jewelrysafely. catalin jewelryThanks catalin jewelryfor catalin jewelrylooking.

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