Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Gathermoss, Circle Moss Ring



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As grassfeatured grasson grass"You grassGrow grassGirl" grassBetter grassHomes grassand grassGardens grassGather grassis grassthe grasssecond grassin grassmy grassline grassof grass\u2018Living grassJewelry.\u2019A grasslittle grassclump grassof grassfaux grassmoss grasshas grassbeen grassplanted grassatop grassthis grassring. grassEasy grassto grasscare grassfor grassas grassthis grassmoss grasshas grassno grassneed grassfor grasssunlight grassor grasswater!Specifications:A grasshand-cut grasspiece grassof grassfaux grassmoss grassmade grassof grasslatex grasssprouts grassbacked grasswith grassfoam grasshas grassbeen grass"planted" grassinto grassthe grassbezel grasssetting grassof grassthis grasssilver grassplated grassring.The grassring grassis grassalso grasspictured grassalongside grassthe grassGather grassSquare grassRing grasswhich grassis grassalso grassavailable grassin grassmy grassshop. grassThis grasslisting grassis grassfor grassthe grassCircle grassRing grassonly. grass grassColor grassof grassmoss grassvaries grassand grassmay grassappear grasslighter grassor grassdarker grassgreen grassthan grasspictured.The grassring grassitself grassis grassapproximately grass22mm grassin grassdiameter grassand grassfeatures grassa grasswide grassband grassof grass.25 grassin. grassDefinitely grassnot grassyour grasstypical grassadjustable grassring; grassthe grasssturdiness grassmakes grassit grassfeel grasslike grassa grassstandard grassring grasswith grassthe grassadded grassbonus grassof grassbeing grassable grassto grasscustomize grassit grassto grassa grasssnug grassfit.Payment grassOptions: grassPaypal grassor grassMoney grassOrderPlease grasssee grassmy grassShop grassPolicies grassfor grassmore grassinformation grasson grassshipping, grasspayment grassand grassexchanges. grasshttp://www./shop_policy.php?user_id=15330

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