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pearl teardrop, 40s Pearl Waterfall Earrings - Vintage Delicate Faux Pearl Cluster - Jewellery 1940s - Exquisite Bridal Wedding Pearls Mid Century Screwback



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40s pearl earringsvintage pearl earringspearl pearl earringswaterfall pearl earringscluster pearl earringstear pearl earringsdrop pearl earringsearrings, pearl earringsvintage pearl earringsscrewback pearl earringsearrings, pearl earrings1950s pearl earringsvintage pearl earringsjewelry, pearl earringspearl pearl earringsdangle pearl earringsearrings.\r\rExquisite pearl earringsvintage pearl earringswaterfall pearl earringscluster pearl earringsfaux pearl earringspearl pearl earringsbead pearl earringsdrop pearl earringsearrings.\rScrewback pearl earringsstyle.\rThese pearl earringslovely pearl earringsvintage pearl earringsearrings pearl earringsare pearl earringslate pearl earrings40s, pearl earringsto pearl earringsperhaps pearl earringsearly pearl earrings50s pearl earringsera.\r\rCondition pearl earringsis pearl earringsvery pearl earringsgood pearl earringsoverall, pearl earringswith pearl earringslight pearl earringsverdigris pearl earringsand pearl earringsmetal pearl earringstarnish, pearl earringsas pearl earringspictured.\rFaux pearl earringspearls pearl earringshave pearl earringsretained pearl earringstheir pearl earringsintegrity pearl earringsand pearl earringsbeautiful pearl earringsluster.\r\rMeasurements:\rDrop pearl earringslength, pearl earringsapproximately pearl earrings1" pearl earringsinch.\rPearl pearl earringscluster pearl earringswidth pearl earringsabout pearl earrings1/2" pearl earringsinch.\r\rPlease pearl earringsread pearl earrings'Shop pearl earringsPolicies' pearl earringsbefore pearl earringsmaking pearl earringsyour pearl earringspurchase.\r\rContinue pearl earringsshopping:\rhttp://joulesvintage.

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