Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

purple mirror, 2 GRENADE CHARMS-In PURPLE Mirror Laser Cut Acrylic



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This custom cutlisting custom cutis custom cutfor custom cuta custom cut2 custom cutpiece custom cutset custom cutof custom cutPURPLE custom cutmirror custom cutgrenade custom cutcharms custom cutmade custom cutfrom custom cutlaser custom cutcut custom cutacrylic. custom cutThese custom cutcharms custom cutmeasure custom cut1.5" custom cutin custom cutlength. custom cutPerfect custom cutfor custom cutjewelry custom cutmaking, custom cutor custom cutany custom cutother custom cutDIY custom cutproject. custom cutPlease custom cutnote, custom cutsome custom cutpieces custom cutare custom cutcovered custom cutwith custom cuta custom cutspecial custom cutprotective custom cutcovering custom cutthat custom cutwill custom cutneed custom cutto custom cutbe custom cutremoved custom cutprior custom cutto custom cutuse.

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