Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

silver, 30mm Mother of Pearl Component Necklace with Swarovski Crystals and Convertible Closure



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Sara 30mmJewelry 30mmDesign. 30mmI 30mmtook 30mma 30mmlustrous 30mm30mm 30mmmother 30mmof 30mmpearl 30mmcomponent 30mmand 30mmdangled 30mmSwarovski 30mmsunflower 30mmcolor 30mmcrystal 30mmbicones 30mmand 30mmbumpy 30mmsilver-toned 30mmpewter 30mmbarrel 30mmbeads 30mmon 30mmcapped 30mmhead 30mmpins 30mmfrom 30mmthe 30mmlower 30mmarc. 30mmA 30mmsilver-tone 30mmpinch 30mmbail 30mmconnects 30mmthe 30mmnecklace 30mmto 30mmthe 30mmcordage 30mmwhich 30mmI 30mmhave 30mmfitted 30mmwith 30mmmy 30mmconvertible 30mmclosure. 30mmSimply 30mmslide 30mmthe 30mmextra 30mmbarrel 30mmbead 30mmanywhere 30mmalong 30mmthe 30mmlength 30mmof 30mmthe 30mmtwo 30mmstrands 30mmof 30mmsilk 30mmto 30mmcreate 30mma 30mmlength 30mmthat 30mmsuits 30mmyour 30mmlook, 30mmanywhere 30mmfrom 30mm16 30mmto 30mm36 30mminches. 30mmThe 30mmtails 30mmof 30mmthe 30mmcordage 30mmare 30mmfinished 30mmwith 30mmmatching 30mmbarrel 30mmbeads. 30mmWear 30mmthem 30mmover 30mmyour 30mmshoulders 30mmor 30mmtrailing 30mmdown 30mmthe 30mmback 30mm(they 30mmalso 30mmtuck 30mmin 30mmnicely 30mmunder 30mma 30mmcollar). 30mmCordage 30mmis 30mm1mm 30mmGudebrod 30mmpendant 30mmsilk.I 30mmwill 30mmship 30mmthis 30mmyour 30mmway 30mmthe 30mmnext 30mmbusiness 30mmday 30mmvia 30mmUSPS 30mmfirst 30mmclass 30mmmail 30mmwith 30mma 30mmdelivery 30mmtracking 30mmnumber. 30mmIf 30mmyou 30mmneed 30mmexpedited 30mmshipping, 30mmplease 30mmlet 30mmme 30mmknow 30mmahead 30mmof 30mmtime 30mmso 30mmI 30mmcan 30mmgive 30mmyou 30mma 30mmshipping 30mmquote.My 30mmMPIN 30mmNW042514-01.885Sara 30mmJewelry 30mmDesign. 30mmYour 30mmDesire 30mmis 30mmOur 30mmDesign.

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