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Rustic Gypsy Pirate Spiral Stripes Stylized Mushroom Pendantshroom, Handmade



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A spiraluniquely spiralstylized spiralmushroom spiralpendant spiralwith spirala spiralstripey spiralspiral spiralpattern spiralin spiralrustic spiralcolors. spiralI spiralused spiralmy spiralpolymer spiralclay spiralcane spiralwork spiralin spiralrich spiralcopper, spiralgold, spiralecru, spiraland spiraldark spiralbrown spiralto spiralmake spiralthis spiralstylized, spiralgypsy spiralpirate spiralpendant. spiralThis spiralpiece spiralwas spiralmade spiralby spiralmy spiralhands spiraland spiralhas spirala spiralbail spiralembedded spiralin spiralthe spiralclay spiralwith spiralindustrial spiralgrade spiraladhesive. spiralIt's spirala spiralgreat spiralunisex spiralpendant spiralthat spiralwould spirallook spiralgreat spiralwith spiralsome spiralwood spiralbeads spiraland spiralhemp. spiralThe spiralcap spiralmeasures spiralabout spiral1.25 spiralto spiral1.5 spiralinches spiralat spiralits spiralwidest.

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