Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Busy City Collage Art Traffic Sign Pendantwearable art, Handmade Wearable Art



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My signsnostalgic signsand signsunique signscollage signsart signsdepiction signsof signsan signsexciting, signsbusy signscity signsscene. signsTraffic signssigns, signsbuildings, signsand signsa signstennis signsshoe signsrepresent signsan signsimaginative signsand signschildlike signsperspective. signsTo signsmake signsthis signshandmade signswearable signsart signsI signsused signsmagazine signsclippings signslayered signsbetween signspolymer signsclay signsand signsresin signsto signsbring signsthe signspendant signsto signslife. signsThis signsone signsof signsa signskind signspiece signsis signsalmost signstwo signsinches signswide, signsby signs1.5 signsinches signstall.The signsbail signsis signssecured signsto signsthe signsback signswith signsa signspowerful signsadhesive, signsand signsthe signspendant signsis signsready signsto signsbe signshung signson signsany signschain signsor signsnecklace signscord signsof signsyour signschoosing.

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