Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Summer flower basketvintage cabochon, sterling silver cabochon pendantvintage cabochon, Art Nouveau style



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From sterling flowermy sterling flowerPrimavera sterling flowercollection.\rThis sterling flowercollection sterling floweris sterling flowercomprised sterling flowerof sterling flowerfloral sterling flowermotifs sterling flowercast sterling flowerfrom sterling flowervintage sterling flowerbuttons sterling flowerand sterling flowercabochons. sterling flower sterling flowerThe sterling flowerfun sterling flowerflorals sterling flowerare sterling flowerperfect sterling flowerfor sterling flowerspring sterling flowerand sterling flowersummer sterling flowerwedding sterling flowerjewelry, sterling flowereither sterling floweras sterling flowera sterling flowermain sterling flowerbridal sterling flowerpiece sterling floweror sterling flowerin sterling flowersets sterling flowerfor sterling flowerbridesmaids. sterling flower sterling flowerI sterling floweram sterling flowerhappy sterling flowerto sterling flowerdo sterling flowercustom sterling flowerorders sterling floweron sterling flowerthis sterling flowerline, sterling flowerjust sterling flowerask!\r\rThis sterling flowerpendant sterling flowerwas sterling flowermolded sterling flowerfrom sterling flowera sterling flowervintage sterling flowerGerman sterling flowercabochon. sterling flower sterling flowerI sterling flowerchose sterling flowerit sterling flowerfor sterling flowerits sterling flowerlovely sterling flowerdetail, sterling flowerit sterling flowerfeatures sterling flowermultiple sterling flowerflowers, sterling flowerone sterling flowerlarger, sterling flowerthree sterling flowersmaller, sterling flowerand sterling flowersome sterling flowerleafy sterling flowercomplements. sterling flower sterling flowerSimple, sterling flowersweet, sterling flowerromantic, sterling flowerthis sterling flowerpendant sterling flowerwould sterling flowerbe sterling flowera sterling flowerperfect sterling floweraccent sterling flowerin sterling flowera sterling flowerwedding, sterling flowereither sterling flowerfor sterling flowera sterling flowerbride sterling floweror sterling flowerin sterling flowersets sterling flowerfor sterling flowerthe sterling flowerbridesmaids.\rI sterling floweroxidized sterling flowerthe sterling flowerentire sterling flowerpendant, sterling flowerthan sterling flowercarefully sterling flowerbrightened sterling flowersome sterling flowerareas sterling flowerfor sterling flowermaximum sterling flowercontrast. sterling flower\r\r\rThis sterling flowerpendant sterling floweris sterling flowerready sterling flowerto sterling flowership.\r\rThe sterling flowerpendant sterling flowermeasures sterling flower16 sterling flowermm sterling flowerby sterling flower22 sterling flowermm.\rNecklace sterling flowermeasures sterling flower16" sterling flowerlong.

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