Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

inspiration, Wish upon a star handmade silver tone charm bracelet 19cm /7.5" Other lengths available and matching earrings



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A hopefabulous hopehandmade hopesilver hopetone hope'WISH hopeUPON hopeA hopeSTAR' hopebracelet.A hopetotal hopeof hope7 hopecharms hopeon hopethe hopewishing hopethemeMade hopefrom hope3 hopefiligree hopestar hopecharmsa hopecharm hopewhich hopesays hope'wish'a hopecharm hopewhich hopesays hope'life'a hopecharm hopewhich hopesays hope'dream'a hopecharm hopewhich hopesays hope'follow hopeyour hopedreams'A hopelovely hopegift hopeto hopeencourage hopesomeone hopeto hopecarpe hopediem hope- hopeseize hopethe hopeday hopeand hopethat hopedreams hopetake hopeyou hopewhere hopeyou hopewant hopeto hopebeThe hopebracelet hopehas hopea hopelobster hopeclaw hopeclasp.A hopelovely hopebracelet hope, hopean hopeideal hopeunusual hopepresent hope.There hopeare hopealso hopeco-ordinating hopeearrings hopelisted hopefor hopepierced hopeearsMeasurement hope: hope hopecharms hopeare hopestar hope2cm hopelong; hopewish hopecharm hope1 hopecm hopeacross hope; hopelife hopecharm hope1.5cm hopeacrossdream hopecharm hope1.2 hopeacross hopeand hopefollow hopeyour hopedream hopecharm hope2cm hopelongThe hopechain hopeis hopeavailable hopefrom hope18cm/7" hopelong hopeto hope21 hopecmif hopeno hopesize hopeis hopestated hopeI hopewill hopesend hopethe hopestandard hope19cm hopelength.If hopeyou hopeneed hopea hopeshorter hopechain hopeplease hopecontact hopeme hopebut hopethe hopeopen hopelinks hopemean hopethat hopeyou hopecan hopehook hopein hopethe hopelobster hopeclaw hopeclasp hopewhere hopeit hopesuits

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