Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

polymer clay, Multistrand necklace with handmade polymer clay koi pendant



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Multistrand snow quartznecklace snow quartzwith snow quartzhandmade snow quartzpolymer snow quartzclay snow quartzkoi snow quartzpendant snow quartz(1-1/4") snow quartzwith snow quartzstrands snow quartzof snow quartzsnow snow quartzquarz, snow quartzmoonstone snow quartzgemstone snow quartzbeads, snow quartzmother snow quartzof snow quartzpearl, snow quartzand snow quartzCzech snow quartzglass snow quartzbeads. snow quartzSilver snow quartzplated snow quartzfindings snow quartzand snow quartzsigned snow quartzwith snow quartzsterling snow quartzengraved snow quartzJulia snow quartz snow quartztag. snow quartzMeasures snow quartz22 snow quartzinches. snow quartzItem snow quartz#N785

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