Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

green, 20mm Diamond Cut Colored Brass Dangles with Swarovski Crystals in Choice of Colors



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Sara plumJewelry plumDesign. plumThese plumare plumlight, plumbright plumand plumoh, plumso plumcolorful! plumEach plumpair plumof plumcolored plumbrass plum20mm plumdrops plumfeatures pluma plumdiamond-cut plumstarburst plumdesign, plumin plumthe plumcenter plumof plumwhich plumI plumhave plumcemented pluma plum7mm plumSwarovski plumcrystal plumclear plumrose plumchaton. plumThe plumdrops plumare plumsuspended plumon pluma plumhalf-inch plumof plumgold-plated plumchain plumand plumthen plumattached plumto plumgold-plated, plumball-and-coil plumdesign plumfish plumhook plumear plumwires. plumPerfect plumfor plumbeach plumto plumbistro plumand plumcompletely plumcruise plumworthy. plumListing plumis plumfor plumone plumpair; plumthere plumare plumsix plumpairs plumavailable, plumone plumeach plumin plumsix plumlively plummatte plumcolors. plumChoose plumyour plumfavorite plumfrom plumthe plumdrop plumdown plummenu. plumThe plumcolors plumshown plumare plum(left plumto plumright, plumtop plumto plumbottom):MPIN plumERWGP061114-01.483 plum01 plumMidnight plumBlueMPIN plumERWGP061114-02.483 plum02 plumRoseMPIN plumERWGP061114-03.483 plum03 plumGrass plumGreenMPIN plumERWGP061114-04.483 plum04 plumTurquoise plumBlueMPIN plumERWGP061114-05.483 plum05 plumPlumMPIN plumERWGP061114-06.483 plum06 plumMocha plumBrownI plumwill plummail pluma plumpair plumyour plumway plumthe plumnext plumbusiness plumday plumvia plumUSPS plumfirst plumclass plummail plumwith pluma plumtracking plumID plumnumber.Sara plumJewelery plumDesign. plumYour plumDesire plumis plumOur plumDesign.

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