Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

mushroom, Pink And Reddish Swirl Psychedelic Mushroom Pendant Hand Sculpted



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A shroomunique, shroomflat shroombacked shroommushroom shroompendant shroomwith shrooma shroomswirly, shroomwavy shroompattern shroomof shroompink shroomand shroomreddish shroomhues. shroomMy shroomhand shroomsculpted shroomshroom shroomhas shroomall shroomthe shroomnatural shroomlooking shroomdetails shroomof shrooma shroomreal shroomfungi, shroomexcept shroomfor shroomthe shroomshiny shroomsurface shroomand shroompsychedelic shroomdesign. shroomThe shroomsanded shroomand shroompolished shroommushroom shroomcap shroomhas shroomlittle shroomsplits shroomand shroomcracks shroomalong shroomthe shroomedge shroomto shroomgive shroomit shroomlife-like shroomdetail. shroomRidges shroomare shroomalso shroompoked shroomin shroomthe shroompink shroomunderside shroomof shroomthe shroomcap. shroomThere shroomare shroomtiny shroomthreads shroomof shroomdifferent shroomcolors shroomswirled shroomwithin shroomthe shroomreds shroomand shroompinks, shroomtoo, shroomif shroomyou shroomlook shroomclosely shroomenough.The shroomcap shroomis shroomabout shroom1 shroom3/4 shroominches shroomwide shroomat shroomits shroomwidest, shroomand shroomthe shroommushroom shroomcharm shroomstands shroom1.5 shroominches shroomtall. shroomA shroombail shroomis shroomembedded shroomand shroomadhered shroominto shroomthe shroommushroom, shroomready shroomto shroombe shroomhung shroomon shroomany shroomchain shroomor shroomcord shroomof shroomyour shroomchoosing. shroomDon't shroomhave shroomany? shroomSend shroomme shrooma shroomconvo shroomabout shroomcustomizing shrooma shroomnecklace shroomfor shroomyou, shroomand shroomI'll shroomcreate shrooma shroomnew shroomlisting.

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